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Welcome to Litdrive, a registered charity and the only English subject association that is developed and maintained by English teachers for English teachers. All funds are reinvested into sustaining and advancing Litdrive so that we can help as many English teachers as possible.

Our mission is clear: to help English teachers and tutors balance their work through a collaborative community, access to quality subject-specific materials and professional development, and thoughtful communication ensuring our members stay informed every step of the way.

Regional LitdriveCPD
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Our newly recruited Regional Advocates will be hosting a series of subject knowledge CPD up and down the country.

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Becoming a member of Litdrive community

To become a member of the Litdrive community, make a £5.00 annual service charge and access our classroom materials bank, professional development opportunities and participate in our annual mentoring programme. You can contribute to the development of the charity by writing a subject-specific guest blog, uploading your own materials to share with a large community of teachers or contribute a subject knowledge session, either locally or via our remote schedule.

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Upload classroom materials for other teachers to effectively manage a healthy workload.

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Share Litdrive’s vision and mission with other teachers locally. We are currently serving two-thirds of the country’s English teachers and are keen to share our purpose and values with even more teachers, particuarly those at an early point in their career.


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