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Litdrive is a donation-driven service with all funds publicly reported on and 100% put back into the development of this website. Our members span from the United Kingdom to a range of International schools, stretching as far as New Zealand and all with the same goal to tackle workload. All raised funds are viewable to members via our Paypal Money Pool and costs are reported on in the same way.

The main motivation for our move to a website format was the save teachers paying ANYTHING (Dropbox subscriptions etc) to find resources. Willing to share? You are our kind of person! Register from the main menu, wait 48 hours for membership approval and you are ready to rumble.


  • Our first round of Quality Assurance has started! Our QA volunteers will be working tirelessly to help us to maintain standards of Litdrive. Please find our standards guidance in the Litdrive Administration folder for an overview of the guidelines that we aim to adhere to for resources.

  • If you would like documentation to share Litdrive with your departments, PGCE or Teachfirst students, or anyone else, please drop me a line at katherine.howard@litdrive.org.uk.

  • We are currently exploring other ways to create free CPD and resource provision for teachers of other subjects, or possibly primary. If you are interested in getting involved to help drive this project forward, please do get in touch.

What Members Say

Amongst everything else in education, it is often forgotten that the teacher is the most important variable in terms of pupil attainment. I can think of nothing else in my career that has been able to support teaching and the teacher in the way that Litdrive has.

Stuart MacBeath, Principal Teacher of Literacy

I’ve greatly benefited from litdrive a it has allowed me as an NQT to learn from others, and try activities and approaches that are less commonly advocated for or utilized in my current school.

Rachel Twort, NQT

Litdrive is invaluable to English teachers across the UK. Personally, I am inspired by some of the great ideas that people are sharing and this helps me to re-ignite my enthusiasm for creating innovative teaching resources.

Sue Mulgrew , Head of English

How Can I Support Litdrive?


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Interested in being a guest blogger for Litdrive? have a read of our guidance notes  here and get in touch!

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