What is the #LitdriveCPD Peer
Mentoring Programme?

LitdriveCPD Peer Mentoring Programme is a free mentoring programme for English teachers, coordinated by Mentoring Associate Rosie Booker.

Participants are matched with a mentor based on their skills, expertise and experience to support them with a structured plan over the year, enabling them to develop an aspect of their practice. The mentor will support over the year by committing to at least three check-in conversations with the mentee. We will issue certificates to all at the end of the year for their commitment to supporting others in the profession, or commitment to using mentoring for professional development. 

Mentors and participants are expected to meet for three sessions to direct their intentions and completion of their self-directed goals or support. Sessions can be over the telephone or via FaceTime, Google Meet or even, if you can manage it, face to face! Each session should aim to be approximately an hour long so that the participant has an opportunity to chat through particular challenges of the term ahead.

By August:

Pairings will be sent out before the 1st September. Participants will receive details of who will be their mentor/who they will be mentoring.

By October:

Introductions from both parties; participant should think about what they would like to focus on for the year ahead. Mentors to assist participants to consider 2-3 distilled action points, with next steps agreed to support the start of that journey.

By February:

Mentors could look to check in for the second time this term, at a particularly difficult point in the academic year to support and provide any guidance.  Again, 2-3 actions might be agreed for the final session.

By July:

Final check in time, to discuss and reflect on the academic year. Both parties will receive an online form to complete by Monday 5th July to confirm that check ins have taken place, so we can send out certificates. 

Registrations for the 2024/2025 programme are now open.

If you would like to be mentored by an English teacher, or be a mentor yourself, fill in our registration form.

Our Mentoring Associate will be in touch in August, just before the start of the next academic year.

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