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This looks amazing! How do I register?

Simple! Go to the home page menu and select register. That will take you through the process.

As a grassroots non-profit organisation, how are you planning to maintain and evolve Litdrive?

Currently, Litdrive is managed and developed by Kat Howard, founder of Litdrive back in 2013. With a clear mission statement that ensures we remain a collaborative, member-driven enterprise, we aim to run Litdrive thanks to funding bids, collaborative projects with other non-profit organisations and donations from our members. To read more about our plans for development or to donate, head to www.litdrive.org.uk/donate.

I’ve signed up: why can’t I sign in?

This is normally because of the approval process. For security purposes, all new members need to be approved by the admin team before they are able to use the login details sent to them- we give a 48 hour timescale for approval, so please login after that time. Your login details will have been sent to your junk box. If you repeatedly try to log in, the system will lock you out and will cause a delay for you being able to use the website.

Why has my membership been denied?

Wherever possible, we will contact you to advise as to why we were unable to approve your membership. If you have tried to set up multiple accounts, have previously breached our terms and conditions or there is a known conflict of interest, it may be that we are not able to secure membership. If you do not hear from us following a membership request being denied, please drop us a line and we will send an outline of the specific reasons relevant to your request.

I got my password wrong/lost my password! What can I do?

Don’t panic. Click on the lost password section on the log in screen and it will take you through the process. If you put in an incorrect password a number of times, the system will lock you out for twenty minutes for security purposes, no matter how much you plead with it. Still struggling? Try clearing your browsing data- your PC or mobile may be automatically using a previous password before you reset.

How do I upload a resource?

Easy! Just click on ‘Dashboard’, then ‘add new,’ then work through the options. Don’t worry about filling in every box; simply choose a name for your resource, upload the file (you should be able to select from Dropbox as well as your own storage area on PC), choose a suitable category and click the disclaimer to state that the resource is your own and not in breach of copyright law.

To upload multiple files, you can select multiple files, or zip the files into a zip folder. Not sure how to do this? No problem. If uploading from your PC, select the files and then right click, select, compressed folder (the folder with a zip on it). Uploading directly from Dropbox before you cancel your dropbox fee subscription and donate to Litdrive? No problem! Click share for the folder that you wish to zip (or put the files into a folder then click share), copy the link and then email it to yourself, changing the last part of the link from DL=0 to DL=1. Copy and paste this link into Safari/int explorer and you can download your files as a zip file. Then upload!

Litdrive says my file is too ginormous to upload; what can I do?

We are currently looking for a definitive response from WordPress as to the maximum size for files. Unfortunately, until we receive one, this is a trial and error process. On the whole, schemes of work seem to be uploading perfectly.

There are so many tick boxes and buttons when I upload! Where do I start?

As a result of needing a system that could hold all of our resources, the file upload process is a little busier than it needs to be. Input your file name, upload your file, categorise it and detail a short description. That is all we need from you. Don’t forget to tick the disclaimer!

How do I download resources to use?

You can view all downloads via the ‘Downloads’ section of the menu. This section will also allow you to search manually using key words in the search tool. Alternatively, to browse specific categories, click on ‘Resources’ on the main menu and all uploads are categorised.

How can I see what’s been downloaded recently?

On the home page, we have included a ‘frequent contributors’ and ‘top five downloads’ section so you can keep an eye out for who is downloading what by clicking on that user to browse their resources!

Someone shared a resource with me. Can I upload it?

If the person that shared it with you has given permission to share, this is acceptable but on the condition that the individual is credited in the description. Ideally, it would be best to ask that person to join Litdrive to upload their amazing resource to share.

What is the quality criteria for a resource?

Resources should be current (in line with current exam specifications; KS3 resourcing that avoids old-style assessment foci), and fall comprehensively into at least one of the categories within the resource menu. Schemes, displays, practice papers, extract collections- anything that will save other teachers a considerable amount of time will all be welcomed. We will have a formal quality assurance process shortly that will provide a more consistent standard as guidance.

I bought a resource; can I share it?

If you bought the resource via a company, subscription site or even a teacher directly, there is a strong possiblity that you are bound by terms and conditions that restrict how you use that resource, public sharing in particular. Please err on the side of caution and avoid uploading such resources, as you are personally liable for any resources that are reported to us for breach of copyright law.

Why do I need to upload resources to be involved?

The Litdrive is fuelled by collaborative, placing it at the heart of what the site is all about. Because we are running on donations alone for the maintenance and development of Litdrive (cancel that Dropbox membership and throw a donation our way!), resourcing for others is a great way to ‘pay it forward.’ We ask for a minimum of one upload per member as a contribution, which is nothing really when you reap the reward of so many resources in return; members will be contacted after a month has passed from their sign up date to advice that they have not uploaded. A friendly reminder!

I submitted a resource but now I can’t see it. Why?

Resources will be quality assured periodically by a team to ensure that they meet the above criteria. Alternatively, your resource may have been removed for breach of copyright, or because another member has advised us of the source of the resource which contradicts the original information provided at the point of upload. Because of the nature of such an action, we will be unable to contact individuals to advise them of the removal.

What if I recognise my own resource in Litdrive?

We will work hard to ensure that all resources are authentically provided by their authors. In the unlikely case that someone has uploaded your resource and detailed themselves as the author, or failed to credit you, please contact us and this will be handled at our earliest convenience. We will contact you (timescales allowing for full time employment and investigation) to advise you of the outcome. Please do be proactive in getting in touch; this rare behaviour amongst teachers is exactly what we hope to avoid by setting up the Litdrive space.

How do I report a resource?

If there is a download issue with a resource, you are concerned about the resource content or believe the resource to not have the correct credit outlined in the description, click the report button and our administration team will pick it up.

I’ve emailed you, tweeted you, DM’d you AND filled a contact form! Why have I not heard back?

If you have an issue that cannot be resolved with the help of these FAQs, please drop us a line via one of the methods above. Often, members are contacting us with the same issue but via several methods which makes it tough for our team to work through issues chronologically. In addition, this is a service run by volunteers, so as a result, we do not have someone readily available at all times. As a rule of thumb, Litdrive has stated seven days for a response timescale, which we hope to meet far before the end of that timescale approaches.

Someone shared a fantastic resource- how can I say thank you?

Each resource has a star rating tool- just five star their resource! You also have our Twitter and Facebook page to credit that person and say thanks for saving you oodles of time. Please do be forward in thanking others for their hard work and time; it really does make the world go round.

I’d love to blog for Litdrive! How do I submit a piece?

We’d love to hear from you! Have a read through our guidance notes here and get in touch.

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