Frequently Asked Questions

If you have just paid for membership and are having trouble accessing the content2019-07-01T17:09:48+00:00

You may need to log out and back in again to access the resources, and additionally clear your cache and cookies. If you are still having trouble, please contact us – but bear with us, we will get back to you as soon as we can!

This looks amazing! How do I register?2019-07-01T15:23:32+00:00

Simple! Go to the home page menu and select register. That will take you through the process. Your membership is usable to log in 48 hours after registration. If you email us before the 48 hour timescale has passed, we will not reply. This is to keep our administration to a minimum (better balance and all that).

How do I upload a resource?2019-07-16T07:14:33+00:00

Easy! Just click on ‘My Uploads’ in the menu, then ‘add new,’ then work through the options. Don’t worry about filling in every box; simply choose a name for your resource, upload the file (you should be able to select from Dropbox as well as your own storage area on PC), choose a suitable category, write a short description for users and click the disclaimer to state that the resource is your own and not in breach of copyright law.

To upload multiple files, you can select multiple files, or zip the files into a zip folder. Not sure how to do this? No problem. If uploading from your PC, select the files and then right click, select, compressed folder (the folder with a zip on it). Uploading directly from Dropbox before you cancel your dropbox fee subscription and donate to Litdrive? No problem! Click share for the folder that you wish to zip (or put the files into a folder, then click share), copy the link and then email it to yourself, changing the last part of the link from DL=0 to DL=1. Copy and paste this link into Safari/int explorer and you can download your files as a zip file. Then upload!

Why do I have to wait for my resource to be approved?2019-07-01T15:25:53+00:00

We are keen to maintain a high quality of service to members as we develop. For this reason, as of February 2019, we outlined that all new resources will be manually approved by the team before they are made readily available to members. Resources should be current (in line with current exam specifications; KS3 resourcing that avoids old-style assessment foci), and fall comprehensively into at least one of the categories within the resource menu. Schemes, displays, practice papers, extract collections- anything that will save other teachers a considerable amount of time will all be welcomed. As our terms and conditions state, you still have a responsibility to check copyright as the respective uploader of resources.

How can I make my resource approval quick and easy for you to approve?2019-07-01T15:26:14+00:00

Input your file name, upload your file, categorise it correctly and detail a short description. If a description isn’t present, we will not approve your resource. Please credit any members or sources that inspired you. Please ensure that you do not use material from subscription sites.That is all we need from you. Don’t forget to tick the disclaimer!

You haven’t approved my resource yet- why?2019-07-01T15:26:31+00:00

When we look over resources to approve, we will detail any outstanding issues in the description box for you to rectify. Once you have actioned these, please just resubmit the resource by hitting the ‘update’ button.

How do I download resources to use?2019-07-01T15:26:57+00:00

You can view all downloads via the ‘Downloads’ section of the menu. This section is categorised, but will also allow you to search manually using key words in the search tool.

How can I see what’s been downloaded recently?2019-07-01T15:27:25+00:00

On the home page, we have included a ‘frequent contributors’ and ‘top five downloads’ section so you can keep an eye out for who is downloading what by clicking on that user to browse their resources!

Someone shared a resource with me. Can I upload it?2019-07-01T15:27:51+00:00

If the person that shared it with you has given permission to share, this is acceptable but on the condition that the individual is credited in the description. Ideally, it would be best to ask that person to join Litdrive to upload their amazing resource to share.

I bought a resource; can I share it?2019-07-01T15:29:29+00:00

If you bought the resource via a company, subscription site or even a teacher directly, there is a strong possibility that you are bound by terms and conditions that restrict how you use that resource, public sharing in particular. Please err on the side of caution and avoid uploading such resources, as you are personally liable for any resources that are reported to us for breach of copyright law.

Why do you want me to upload resources?2019-07-01T15:29:55+00:00

Litdrive is fuelled by collaborative, placing it at the heart of what the site is all about. Sharing resourcing for others is a great way to ‘pay it forward.’ We can only thrive if people share. In addition, it is a great way to demonstrate professional development when people have downloaded, adapted and used your resources. Plus, it’s really nice.

How do I report a resource?2019-07-01T15:30:45+00:00

If there is a download issue with a resource, you are concerned about the resource content or believe the resource to not have the correct credit outlined in the description, click the report button and our administration team will pick it up.

What does the service charge go towards?2019-07-01T15:31:54+00:00

Member service charges will go towards the costs associated with running Litdrive. This includes development and maintenance of the website by a professional web developer, administration costs, accounting in line with our charitable status and any other sundries. 100% of all payments will go back into the operation of the platform. Any additional funds will be put towards improving and expanding the services for members and all costs will be publicly reported at the end of each financial year. We will remain transparent in this process.

How much will the service charge be and how often will I need to pay?2019-07-01T15:32:30+00:00

£5, annually in advance. We have committed to keeping the service charge at no more than £5 for the next three years.

Is a departmental subscription available?2019-09-21T09:27:16+00:00

The service charge is to allow us to provide services to a member base on Litdrive’s scale and is not a subscription. We are requesting a charge to host a platform, not to subscribe to buy resources. For security, we would advise each member of staff using their own account. In addition, the service charge is to allow us to support a large member base and so individual service charges will allow us to continue to provide that service to a high standard. If you plan on paying the service charge for your entire department, we would very much encourage that the charge is funded by department budgets and not individual teachers.

If your department or Trust wants to purchase a bulk order of memberships, please email us with details of member user names, and we can invoice for the amount as a central purchase. Due to demand, this service will only be available to 30th September in Autumn terms. Email litdriveuk@hotmail.com with your request.

Will there be a tiered membership?2019-07-01T15:33:18+00:00

No, because the charge is for us to continue to provide a service. We will reward those that contribute to the Litdrive ethos by giving the top 20 contributors and members that have uploaded one of the top 20 downloaded resources of the year their first year service charge for the new site as paid by Litdrive. Tiered pricing is for subscription sites, which we are not.

Do I still own my resources?2019-07-01T15:33:39+00:00

Yes. All intellectual property belongs to the donating member and should they cancel membership, their resources are removed. Many of the resources that will feature on Litdrive are freely available on other platforms: we are simply providing a platform that saves teachers time by hosting resources in an easily accessible, searchable way, in addition to our CPD coordination. 30% of our members choose not to be on social media, and Litdrive provides a way of collaborating with those teachers. For more information regarding intellectual property, we have new terms and conditions that will outline this  in further detail.

Why couldn’t Litdrive just use a shared dropbox like some other peer sharing platforms?2019-07-01T15:33:57+00:00

Using a shared Dropbox was impossible to manage. To run a service via Dropbox, either members would need to operate their own respective shared drives and pay for storage, or someone would oversee one large drive and be legally liable to any breach of copyright law. Litdrive provides opportunities for professional development, regional knowledge based events and an easily accessible, searchable resource bank that doesn’t mean having to trawl through social media for resources. Dropbox and other shared drive services charge a monthly fee, far in excess of the annual service charge that we request of members.

What action do you take towards those members selling on member resources?2019-07-01T15:34:20+00:00

Our download system keeps logs of who has downloaded a resource. This means if we are notified of a particular resource being sold elsewhere when it has only been shared on Litdrive, we are able to identify everyone who has downloaded that resource. However, please be aware, that if the resource has been shared freely, it makes it more difficult for us to identify the member in question.

If a member is discovered to be selling any resources sourced from Litdrive, their membership is revoked with immediate effect.

I have already donated – do I have to pay again?2019-07-01T15:34:44+00:00

No- you should have been contacted regarding this to inform you that your first year service charge for the new site as paid by Litdrive. Once 12 months have passed, you will be prompted to make a service charge to continue to support the service. You are welcome to make an additional donation, of course!

I’ve donated heaps of resources – do I have to pay a service charge?2019-07-01T15:35:07+00:00

We have thanked our top 20 frequent contributors by informing them that they will receive their first year service charge for the new site as paid by Litdrive.

At the beginning of each subsequent year, the top 20 frequent contributors and members that had the top 3 most downloaded each month over the year (36 members)will receive their first year service charge for the new site as paid by Litdrive to say thank you. Those members will be contacted to advise them accordingly.

Is there a limit to how much I can download?2019-07-01T15:36:05+00:00

Yes- for security purposes, and to guard against bots, members can only download 50 resources per hour. That’s still a lot so shouldn’t hold you up!

I donated previously but am being prompted to make a payment- what do I do?2019-07-01T15:36:37+00:00

Please contact the mailbox and we can look into the technical issue with our developer.

Please contact the mailbox and we can look into the technical issue with our developer.2019-07-01T15:37:36+00:00

If you have an issue that cannot be resolved with the help of these FAQs, please drop us a line via one of the methods above. Often, members are contacting us with the same issue but via several methods which makes it tough for our team to work through issues chronologically. In addition, this is a service run by volunteers, so as a result, we do not have someone readily available at all times. As a rule of thumb, Litdrive has stated seven days for a response timescale, which we hope to meet far before the end of that timescale approaches.

Someone shared a fantastic resource – how can I say thank you?2019-07-01T15:38:03+00:00

Each resource has a star rating tool- just five star their resource! You also have our Twitter and Facebook page to credit that person and say thanks for saving you oodles of time. Find us @LitdriveUK. Please do be forward in thanking others for their hard work and time; it really does make the world go round.

I’d love to blog for Litdrive! How do I submit a piece?2019-07-01T15:38:21+00:00

We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch via the contact form on our site.

How do I sign up for CPD services?2019-07-01T15:38:59+00:00

We publish all of our events on the website via Eventbrite. To sign up for peer coaching, you will need to complete the form on the peer coaching section of the site. Peer coach pairings are announced every September for the academic year ahead, so get your name down before the 31st July to participate.

I no longer want to be a member; what do I do?2019-07-01T15:39:21+00:00

Please drop us an email and we will cancel your membership within seven days of receiving your request. If you want to re-join at any point, we’d be happy to have you as a member again. All of your user-uploaded content will be deleted when you cancel membership.

Help! I’m locked out of the site2019-07-18T15:37:24+00:00

We have a security measure on the site that locks a user out for 10 minutes if the credentials are entered incorrectly 3 times. This is to prevent spam and hackers. Please try again in 10 minutes!

How do I pay to be a member?2019-07-30T06:44:57+00:00

You can either pay by following this link or you can head to My Uploads where you will be prompted to make a payment.

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