Frequently asked questions

How do I upload a resource?

Easy! Just click on ‘My Uploads’ in the menu, then ‘add new,’ then work through the options. Don’t worry about filling in every box; simply choose a name for your resource, upload the file (you should be able to select from Dropbox as well as your own storage area on PC), choose a suitable category, write a short description for users and click the disclaimer to state that the resource is your own and not in breach of copyright law.

To upload multiple files, you can select multiple files, or zip the files into a zip folder. Not sure how to do this? No problem. If uploading from your PC, select the files and then right click, select, compressed folder (the folder with a zip on it). Uploading directly from Dropbox before you cancel your dropbox fee subscription and donate to Litdrive? No problem! Click share for the folder that you wish to zip (or put the files into a folder, then click share), copy the link and then email it to yourself, changing the last part of the link from DL=0 to DL=1. Copy and paste this link into Safari/int explorer and you can download your files as a zip file. Then upload!

Why do I have to wait for my resource to be approved?

We are keen to maintain a high quality of service to members as we develop. For this reason, as of February 2019, we outlined that all new resources will be manually approved by the team before they are made readily available to members. Resources should be current (in line with current exam specifications; KS3 resourcing that avoids old-style assessment foci), and fall comprehensively into at least one of the categories within the resource menu. Schemes, displays, practice papers, extract collections- anything that will save other teachers a considerable amount of time will all be welcomed. As our terms and conditions state, you still have a responsibility to check copyright as the respective uploader of resources.

How can I make my resource approval quick and easy for you to approve?

Input your file name, upload your file, categorise it correctly and detail a short description. If a description isn’t present, we will not approve your resource. Please credit any members or sources that inspired you. Please ensure that you do not use material from subscription sites.That is all we need from you. Don’t forget to tick the disclaimer!

Someone shared a resource with me. Can I upload it?
If the person that shared it with you has given permission to share, this is acceptable but on the condition that the individual is credited in the description. Ideally, it would be best to ask that person to join Litdrive to upload their amazing resource to share.
I bought a resource; can I share it?
If you bought the resource via a company, subscription site or even a teacher directly, there is a strong possibility that you are bound by terms and conditions that restrict how you use that resource, public sharing in particular. Please err on the side of caution and avoid uploading such resources, as you are personally liable for any resources that are reported to us for breach of copyright law.
Is a departmental subscription available?
The service charge is to allow us to provide services to a member base on Litdrive’s scale and is not a subscription. We are requesting a charge to host a platform, not to subscribe to buy resources. For security, we would advise each member of staff using their own account. In addition, the service charge is to allow us to support a large member base and so individual service charges will allow us to continue to provide that service to a high standard. If you plan on paying the service charge for your entire department, we would very much encourage that the charge is funded by department budgets and not individual teachers.

If your department or Trust wants to purchase a bulk order of memberships, please email us with details of member user names, and we can invoice for the amount as a central purchase. Due to demand, this service will only be available to 30th September in Autumn terms. Email with your request.

I’d love to blog for Litdrive! How do I submit a piece?

We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch via the contact form on our site.

How do I sign up for CPD services?

We publish all of our events on the website via Eventbrite. To sign up for peer coaching, you will need to complete the form on the peer coaching section of the site. Peer coach pairings are announced every September for the academic year ahead, so get your name down before the 31st July to participate.

I no longer want to be a member; what do I do?

Please drop us an email and we will cancel your membership within seven days of receiving your request. If you want to re-join at any point, we’d be happy to have you as a member again. All of your user-uploaded content will be deleted when you cancel membership.

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