Our story

LitdriveUK is a regsitered charity, created by and maintained by English teachers for English teachers to access high quality professional development, classroom materials and mentoring support. Our key objective is that by doing so, we aim to provide English teachers with better balance in regards to teacher workload, and ultimately, retain excellent teachers to the profession.

Litdrive operates as a result of the time and donations made by the teaching community. We work with a series of partners to develop our work, and offer discounted departmental membership to ensure that the cost of Litdrive membership is funded by school budgets rather than individual teachers’ funds. If you are able to make a donation, give up your time to write a blog or deliver a subject knowledge session, or if you would like to advocate for Litdrive in your local area, please do get in touch.
We engage with our members every year with an annual member survey, and are keen to develop working groups to provide us with valuable feedback that will help us to continue to ensure that our work is helpful and relevant to teachers. Please get in touch if you would like to be involved.

Our partners include

Litdrive Impact Report 2022

You can access our latest impact report here. If you would like to support the development or activity of our charity, please get in touch.