Litdrive was created with teachers in mind, to enable teachers to collaborate with others and develop one another as a way to aid workload and ultimately, stop brilliant teachers from leaving the profession.

After securing a Literacy Coordinator role in her school in 2013, Kat Howard wanted to reach out to others to share and refine the way that they approached Literacy in the classroom. This quickly developed into branching out to English resources, and Kat developed a shared drive so that teachers could share extensive pieces of work such as curriculum maps across schools. As a result of taking over the #TeamEnglish Dropbox in 2018, with almost 1000 members, Kat created a website to enable teachers to share knowledge and resources across the world, curating a guest blog, a resource bank and peer coaching programme. Now, as at 2019, Litdrive has almost 13,000 members on an international level, with members from almost every country in the world regularly accessing and sharing ideas. 2019 saw the introduction of #LitdriveCPD, a series of regional events that provide subject knowledge based sessions to support Enlgish teachers to teach texts in their classrooms. With a team of over 30 Advocates, Litdrive’s plan is to now develop this provision further and welcome your support.

If you are a like-minded organisation that would like to support Litdrive, or are a teacher that would like to volunteer your services, please do get in touch via our contact form here.

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