Litdrive is every English Teachers dream come true. It is no exaggeration to say that the resources shared on this sight have revolutionised my teaching and that of my department. Litdrive really is the best CPD!

Julie Peet
Head of English - West Lancashire

LitDrive is an amazing place, where wonderful people share excellent things. Exhausted by searching through redundant drives and memory sticks, LitDrive is the treasure chest that opens to reveal splendid things that make your lessons glitter and shine. Thank you.

Simone Pope
English Teacher - Surrey

This site has been such a help when I have been in a last minute panic or even just helping me come up with ideas for how to approach a particular text or topic. I love the feeling of community and I will try to add more of my own resources to give back.

Kate Bythell
Teacher - Warwick

Just awesome, has saved me countless hours of work and givenme loads of new ideas too!

English teacher - Staffordshire

LitDrive has been incredibly helpful, full of resources and been a life-saver. Not just for last minute lessons, but LitDrive provides support in many ways – academic, emotional, and social!
All the dedicated teachers who post their work are going that extra mile to make a difference for the many, not the few.
Thank you!

English Teacher - Ipswich

LitDrive resources have saved me hours and hours of planning time. They are always of high quality, having been planned by teachers, and I’m convinced that my teaching has improved as result of the superb T&L ideas that I have acquired. Thank you so much to everyone whose ideas I have used, adapted and delivered.

Dianne Fountain
2nd in English - West Yorkshire

I have used LitDrive to source resources and ideas for schemes of learning – as well as for inspiration for different ways of teaching, for different revision strategies. It’s brilliant that everything is adaptable for my school, my classes and our exam board.

English Teacher - Stafford

LitDrive has been invaluable this year- it has saved me hours of time and improved my workload. The resources are brilliant and I am so grateful to all of the people that share their work. Thank you so much!

Clara Pink
English Teacher & Deputy Senco - Hampshire

In an ever increasing profession that expects more and more from staff I don’t know what I would have done without Litdrive this year. The resources are awesome and CPD in itself with the amazing ideas and activities attached to the resources. Litdrive has saved me hours of time and helped me keep my sanity. Thank you!

Senior teacher - Middlesex

Wide Choice across the full range of abilities and age groups

Brian `Robinson
Head of Skills School - Birmingham

I just want to say thank you so much for all that you are doing on Litdrive. Your resource sharing is incredible and promotes high quality resources, as well as a positive culture of sharing, trust and a desire to make English Education thought provoking and accessible for all students. Teachers of all ages and levels of experience benefit from your site. Thank you so much to all of the staff at Litdrive, and to all of the generous teachers who share there wonderful resources.

Andy Bonham
Teacher of English - St. Christopher's School, Bahrain

As an RQT, LitDrive has saved me countless amounts of hours and mental breakdowns. The people that share on LitDrive are incredibly generous and I am always finding new and exciting ways for my lessons to come alive. LitDrive is such a lovely community, with so many people willing to help others and share their expertise.

Helena Terry
English teacher - Birmingham

The site is so helpful! The minor glitches here and there have been sorted and the site is working well!- I attended a CPD event a while ago too and the subject knowledge I attained was so invaluable. Can’t wait until the next!

Shannon kooner
Teacher of English - Birmingham

All resources are of a really high quality. The generosity of the LitDrive community is outstanding, being a part of such a collaborative effort is incredible – they have saved me hours of planning and work; the best thing for my well-being! It is lovely to see such a variety of ideas available to try and adapt for my classes – it has really made me think about the strategies I use in the classroom and has massively improved my own lessons.

Hannah Logan
KS3 Lead English - Derbyshire

Litdrive provides high quality resources that be easily adapted for your own purposes. It’s great CPD to see how others are tackling tricky concepts. As a Language specialist, I really benefit from the Literature resources!

Kayleigh Marsden
Second in English - Bradford

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to Litdrive. It baffled me when starting my teaching career, in 2017, why there was so little collaboration between teachers – many of whom would spend hours creating very similar resources. Litdrive, and its contributors, have restored my faith! As a collaborative, national team you really are helping us all to save hours and hours of our time. Thank you for your generosity.

Amy Bradley
English Teacher - East Anglia

The website is a lifesaver. The profession is under a lot of pressure and Litdrive helps relieve it in so many ways. I have shared some resources to payback those I turn to time and time again and hope to share even more as thanks one day. Long live Litdrive.

Megan Atherton
Subject Leader- KS4 English Birmingham

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