Lit Drive has allowed me to collaborate with other teachers who I may never have known without it, has saved me hours planning resources from scratch, has provided inspiration when feeling stuck & has made me braver/more proactive about sharing my own resources!

Siobhan Bishop, Head of English and Media Faculty

Litdrive has made me feel positive about teaching again and helped me regain my confidence after two maternity breaks, especially with all the changes. I’d be more than happy to help in future if needed. Thanks to all the people who have shared resources and continue to do so!

Mel Wright , English teacher

For all teachers of English, Litdrive was an exceptionally strong and varied bank of resources. Amongst everything else in education, it is often forgotten that the teacher is the most important variable in terms of pupil attainment. I can think of nothing else in my career that has been able to support teaching and the teacher in the way that Litdrive has.

Stuart MacBeath , Principal Teacher of Literacy

I’ve greatly benefited from litdrive a it has allowed me as an NQT to learn from others, and try activities and approaches that are less commonly advocated for or utilised in my current school. It has allowed me to develop my own approaches and introduce new ones into my teaching and the department’s schemes. It had been massively useful for KS3 when hunting for extracts and short stories.

Rachel Twort , NQT

It is widely recognised that one of the biggest problems in education in the UK today is teacher retention, with many teachers citing heavy workload as the reason they are considering leaving the profession. LitDrive was instrumental in reducing my workload (and that of other teachers) across the UK. Instead of thousands of teachers making their own individual resources, we were able to collaborate and share, not only reducing workload but also providing CPD.

I routinely searched LitDrive for resources and then shared them with the eight teachers in my department. This has saved hours of duplicate planning and has given teachers more time to focus on the children they teach and their own personal work/life balance.
It also meant have I received lovely positive feedback on resources I have produced and has been a real boost to my confidence as a teacher to see other teachers using my work.

Hannah Goddard , Secondary English Teacher

A massive timesaver which saved reinventing the wheel, reducing stress and workload allowing me to reclaim precious time.

Ruth Hancock, English teacher

It helped me massively with A Level Language which I am quite new to teaching and more generally it is reassuring to be able to look at how other teachers approach GCSE texts and papers.

Jenny Martindale , English teacher

Living and teaching on a tiny island, #Litdrive and the support of @Team_English1 has brought me closer to a collaborative professional community than any other resource or CPD opportunity.

Rachel Lewin , Head of English and Secondary Lead for Teaching, Learning & Assessment

The resources and ideas I’ve been exposed to via Litdrive have improved my practice (more than any courses I’ve attended) and have been an invaluable and practical source of CPD. It’s saved me hours and hours of time.

Claire Sealy, Teacher of English and HOY

I’m an English teacher and AHT for Teaching and Learning in a SEND environment. We are a very small school [56 ish] on roll – all boys – mostly with high functioning autism and related issues such as Dyslexia, PDA, weak motor function etc. All of our students have failed to access mainstream provision, some have come to us from PRUs or have been out of education for some time – one student hadn’t been in education for 2 years until he came to us over a year ago.

Our School’s ethos is of Quaker values and we consistently endeavour to engage and build a holistic model beyond the classroom.

English is rarely the favourite subject choice for boys – even more so with boys who have autism. So it’s already a huge challenge to engage and support learners in a creative subject which has few right or wrong answers and I’m always on the lookout for inspiration and shared best practice. One of the most fantastic resources has always been Twitter because you’re already in a progressive and best practice environment; but to find within that, a resource such as LitDrive with input from the most amazingly dynamic group of English teachers I have ever met is quite incredible.

These teachers are focussed on their classroom practice, focussed on constantly improving and developing and sharing their successes and receiving support when they need it from equally, positively minded professionals – they epitomise to me the energy and future of Education, where we take back ownership and run with it. I can’t thank them enough for their work and their generosity – I find they energise me to adapt, to change and to grow as a teacher.

Ann Litchfield, AHT

I have found the resources on #Litdrive invaluable. With school budgets squeezed and training opportunities limited it is vital that we learn from each other. There is a wealth of knowledge and expertise out there and it is great that people are happy to share resources. I have recommended #litdrive to so many people. #Litdrive helps to redress the work/life balance ; a reason that so many are leaving the profession.

Pat Speed

Litdrive is invaluable to English teachers across the UK. Personally, I am inspired by some of the great ideas that people are sharing and this helps me to re-ignite my enthusiasm for creating innovative teaching resources. Professionally, it helps me to support my department with good quality teaching resources.

Sue Mulgrew , Head of English

Lit drive is an amazing resource for older teachers like me who are not very good at producing fabulous power points, but it is also a life saver for new or trainee teachers. It has given me a renewed enthusiasm for some texts that I have taught for MANY years and introduced me to new ideas for teaching and revision that I simply would not have been aware of. It is also a great way to see what is happening in English teaching across the country!

Tanya Cheema , English Subject Leader

It is not an over-exaggeration to say that, without access to the resources available on Lit Drive, my Year 11 classes would not have been anywhere near as well prepared for their recent GCSE exams. Particularly in relation to provision for the most able, I found LitDrive to be by far the best source for very effective, course-specific lesson and revision materials. It was also extremely heartening that a system based on a model of sharing and mutual benefit should work so effectively.

Oliver Shelley, KS4 Coordinator and AST in English, Comberton Village College

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