Our extended team

Our amazing team are all fantastic English teachers. They share Litdrive’s purpose and projects at a local level with colleagues, departments and training providers.

You can contact them via our Facebook page, their Twitter handles or at local events.

They will also run regional LitdriveCPD in their local area, with the LitdriveCPD model or knowledge-rich, text or genre specific based sessions to enrich English teaching in the classrooms.

Can’t see a Regional Advocate for your corner of the country?

We are keen to expand our team, so if you think you would be interested in being an Advocate for Litdrive, complete our expression of interest form; we would love to hear from you.

Abbie Mann

CPD Coordinator


Abbie is Director of English at a wonderful, culturally diverse state school in London. She has 10 years teaching experience and has held roles up to senior leadership level. Abbie has led whole school literacy and reading initiatives as well as leading on whole school teaching and learning. She is also an examiner for GCSE English and A Level Law. Since 2013, Abbie has been a staunch, vocal advocate of teacher wellbeing and its connection to great teaching. She has presented nationally many times to a wide range of audiences from support services to school leaders. Whilst the best part of her day remains in the classroom, Abbie is a committed leader who is constantly seeking out new ways to develop her highly skilled team of English teachers. She loves leading the department and totally geeks out on developing the team’s (and her own) subject knowledge. In a bid to stay sane, she also makes it a regular habit to run in many races and climb mountains. Abbie’s debut book Live Well, Teach Well was a best seller on Amazon in 2018. Find her on Twitter @abbiemann1982

Alice Snowdon

Regional Advocate


Alice Snowdon is a Head of English at a leading International School in Madrid. She is the first International Regional Advocate for Litdrive, something that she describes as "exhilarating" and "exciting" to colleagues in equal measure. She has been teaching English since 2015 when she completed her TeachFirst LDP. Alice is particularly passionate about curriculum design, retrieval practice, and developing subject knowledge. She recently completed her NPQML on reading and vocabulary and, because she has clearly too much time on her hands, has begun her SSAT for Lead Practitioner. Alice believes passionately in fostering a love of English from the classroom and beyond. When not teaching she enjoys, reading (of course!), writing her poetry/creative writing on Words + Things and hanging out with her gorgeous cat Ophelia. @AliceSnwdon

Anna Ballard

Regional Advocate

SE London

Anna has been teaching English for over ten years and is currently head of KS4 English at a secondary school in outer London. She’s undertaken various responsibilities over the years, including leading whole school literacy initiatives and teaching and learning sessions. Her most current role has lead to organising external CPD for schools in her local borough, and she is particularly interested in keeping teacher workload down whilst keeping standards high. She is also an examiner for GCSE, both for Language and Literature. @Ballard1000

Bonnie Harrington

Regional Advocate


Bonnie is an English teacher from Bristol who has worked in a number of different secondary schools since qualifying in 2012. As well as being a second in faculty and a mentor, Bonnie is an examiner. She’s passionate about reading and high expectations, and will often be writing something about teacher wellbeing. Find her at @MsBHarrington where she’ll share positive education tweets and pictures of her cat.@MsBHarrington

Chloe Woodhouse

Regional Advocate

East Midlands (Derbyshire)

Chloe is the Learning Director for English at an all-through, culturally diverse, wonderful school called The Bemrose School in Derby. She is also an SLE for English and a PiXL associate. She has examined for Language and is incredibly passionate about all things Teaching and Learning! She loves attending conferences, reading as much as she can and loves to try out new resources and strategies to see what works for children in her school. Also a Marvel/DC geek at heart, often found on the dancefloor or out running! @AViewaskew

Chris Scrivens

Regional Advocate


Currently Head of English and Associate Assistant, Chris teaches at a Bradford secondary schoo,l teaching 11-18 including GCSE and both English A Levels. He is an instructional coach, having been trained by the IFT/Ambition over 2018-19 Chris is also an AQA examiner.@chrisscrivens1

Chris Shaw

CPD Coordinator: Wales


Chris is an experienced Head of English at a Welsh-medium comprehensive school in Swansea. He also has many years experience as an examiner for A level in both Language and Literature. More recently, Chris has also been appointed as a research lead within the school where he has focused on strategies to improve the achievement of boys, and the development of oracy skills. He is currently studying for an MSt in Advanced Subject Teaching (with the University of Cambridge) where he has focused on researching the teaching of Shakespeare, and the implications for English teaching within the new Curriculum for Wales. He can be found on Twitter @athrosaesneg (which translates to the English teacher).@athrosaesneg

Christine Owen

Regional Advocate


Christine is Head of English/SLE at Burton Borough School in Shropshire with 20 years’ teaching experience, 17 as an Examiner and Senior Examiner. She has a passion for collaboration – both with her colleagues, and also other members of the English teaching community in her area/the wider teaching community. Christine has led many sessions for an enthusiastic and like-minded English teachers in her local area for over four years – and takes great inspiration from sharing ideas, knowledge, expertise and new ideas. @chrissieohh

David Alderson

CPD Coordinator

East Central

David Alderson is the Head of English at All Saints’ in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. He has been and teaching for the last 10 years and has taught in the North West and the East Midlands. In February 2019, he presented at the PiXL English conference discussing Knowledge in Action and his department’s Journey to a Knowledge Based Curriculum. Although somewhat clichéd, he is a lifelong learner. Currently, he is a novice strongman and father to a 2-year-old boy which has taught him that sleep deprivation and weightlifting produce different, but equally challenging, amounts of suffering. He can be found on Twitter @MrAldersonTeach and his blog can be found at https://mraldersonteach.blogspot.com/@MrAldersonTeach

Ella Davies

Regional Advocate

North Wales

Ella Davies is an experienced Head of English at an English-medium comprehensive school in North Wales. She has undertaken various responsibilities during her career: Key Stage 3 Coordinator, Deputy Head of Department/Deputy Head of Learning (Pastoral), and Associate Senior Leader. She is passionate about collaboration and thrives when she is helping others. During her 15-year career, she has mentored and delivered subject training to ITTs, NQTs and more experienced colleagues. She has experience as a Lead Practitioner, where she has supported schools with the delivery of the GCSE specification. With a keen interest in teacher development, Ella is excited about sharing the Litdrive message. She enjoys attending concerts and shows, and she is an avid Liverpool FC fan! Ella can be found on Twitter @EdEllaD.@EdEllaD

Emma Sheppard

Regional Advocate

Central and South West London

Following a degree in Comparative Literature and a year as a TA, Emma trained as an English teacher though Teach First in Watford. She spent two years teaching in the British International School, Ho Chi Minh before returning and training as a Lead Practitioner. She now holds responsibility for ITT and contributes to wider Teaching and Learning and CPD at her school and founded the MTPT Project in 2016 to empower teachers choosing to continue their CPD whilst on parental leave.@Comment_Ed

Fe Brewer

Regional Advocate

East Midlands (Leicestershire)

Fe has been teaching English (and occasionally Drama) for 9 years in schools in Leicestershire and Derbyshire. She’s undertaken various responsibilities with key stage 3 and 4 over the years and has mentored and delivered subject training to beginning teachers for the past 6. With a keen interest in research and teacher development, Fe looks forward to spreading the Litdrive message and helping others like her achieve a better work-life balance. Outside of her mega-geek teacher status, Fe enjoys spending time with her two children, walking through woodland and – repeatedly – reading The Hungry Caterpillar.@MrsBrewTandCake

Helen Hardy

Regional Advocate


Helen Hardy is a KS3 Coordinator at a school in Nottingham. During her six years in teaching, she has taught in schools in South Yorkshire and Nottingham, and been a GCSE Examiner for a number of years. She is passionate about the curriculum but also ensuring a better work-life balance for colleagues. Helen firmly believes that Litdrive has a unique offer in enabling collaboration, a better work-life balance and subject specific CPD. Usually, Helen can be found spending time with her two smalls, out running, or snatching rare moments to indulge her obsession with literature. @H_Hardy

Helen Moore

Regional Advocate

Greater Manchester

Helen is Second in English and Curriculum Lead for Reading and Literacy at Matthew Moss High School, Rochdale. Now in her sixth year of teaching, Helen's work focuses on teaching and learning and the development subject knowledge - she is always looking for innovative ways to engage learners during their study of English. With a passion for reading and oracy, Helen works to develop strategies to ensure all learners have the tools to independently access literature, irrespective of the subject, and, furthermore, eloquently discuss, explore and debate the ever changing world in which we live in - these being the key skills for later life.

Helena Terry

Regional Advocate and Mentoring Associate


Helena is an English teacher in Birmingham. Although new to the profession, Helena is a dedicated teacher who is determined to make an impression. Her pupils are at the heart of everything she does which leads her to teach bespoke and motivational lessons that give the pupils an incredible learning experience. Helena’s teaching philosophy is centred around evidence-based teaching. She considers herself on a continuous on a journey of improvement and, therefore, is always actively looking for teaching ideas. Helena is passionate about early career teachers and removing the stigma surrounding surviving the NQT year. @MissHTerry

Hetty Hughes

Regional Advocate


Hetty Hughes joined the profession is 2015 as an English and Theatre Studies teacher and has experience as a Teaching and Learning Champion, subject mentor and examiner. Hetty’s most recent challenge is a PhD in English Literature (blood in Shakespeare!) which she is undertaking alongside teaching part-time. You can find her @HettyHughes tweeting all things Shakespeare and the early modern, dog walks and her baby girl.@HettyHughes

Holly Wimbush

Regional Advocate


Holly is Head of KS4 Literature and Subject Leader of A Level Language and Literature at a secondary school in leafy Cheshire. She has been an examiner for a number of boards throughout her practice. Holly has led CPD sessions ranging from effective RM+F to BfL across the school as well as leading content based sessions for the faculty. She has a great passion for teaching, reading and can often be found at the rugby, theatre or a musical enjoying a Saturday matinee. She believes in the power of Litdrive to truly empower and inspire English teachers and cannot wait to work alongside a dynamic team from across Britain. @HWimbushEnglish

Jennifer Dennison

Regional Advocate

West Essex

Jennifer is currently a Head of Department in a school in West Essex. Prior to this role, she has worked as a cross-trust Lead Practitioner and a Head of Year. As part of these roles she has worked across both secondary and primary phases and mentored a number of trainee and early career teachers, including those who previously taught internationally. Jennifer is particularly interested in creating a better balance for working parents, after returning to teaching post maternity leave. @jenniferhod2

Joanne Tiplady

Regional Advocate

East Riding of Yorkshire

Joanne has been teaching English for 20 years. She was previously Head of English before having her second child, when she moved to work part-time. For the past nine years, Joanne has worked at Beverley High School where she was Literacy Coordinator and Research Lead. She has presented on evidence-based CPD at a regional head teacher conference and has also written for the TES. In September Joanne begins a new role as Trust Director for Curriculum and Research for a local academy trust. This year she is presenting at ResearchED in London and also at ResearchED Rome.@MissJoT

Kate Hawley

Regional Advocate

West Manchester

Katie is an experienced teacher who has taught English in Salford for ten years and has a passion for all things Literature. After taking on various leadership roles over the years, including Second in English and Head of Careers, this is her third year as Head of Communication and Literacy in her current school. Katie is committed to finding out the best ways of improving the outcomes for disadvantaged students, which is where her passion for literacy stems from, and is a big believer in the importance of closing the word gap. Katie has mentored both trainee and newly qualified teachers and has also trained as a coach. @Mrs_H_Eng

Kate Thomas

Regional Advocate


Kate has been teaching since 2007 in schools across Scotland, England and Northern Ireland. She has been fortunate to teach Religious Studies and Media, but her true passion lies in teaching English. Kate has taught across a wide variety of exam boards and curriculum changes, enjoying the development and challenge at each turn. She loves her current mentoring role within her department as CPD never stops as there is always more to learn and share within teaching. @kbamrsthomas

Kirsty Rogerson

Regional Advocate

Greater Manchester

Kirsty is 23 years old and began teaching in 2018 once she passed her NQT year. She currently adores her job as Acting Assistant Head of English at the Deanery High school and Sixth form. Kirsty believes that to become a regional advocate for LitDrive is to support a fantastic cause to improve the teaching of our wonderful subject whilst still tackling our ever-growing workload issue. Kirsty teaches from years 7 right through to year 13 – enabling her to teach a whole breadth of creativity and knowledge that encompasses English. Her favourite areas to teach are poetry and Macbeth (particularly Lady Macbeth!). Kirsty can usually be found making resources, reading or pretending she’s in a one-woman musical. Kirsty is in full anticipation for the new opportunities this role will brings! She tweets @_krogg. @_krogg

Krisha Hendra

Regional Advocate


Krisha is an Assistant Principal with responsibility for whole school literacy and catch up curriculum as well as the Curriculum Leader for English at Swindon Academy, an incredible school, in Wiltshire. She is also an experienced GCSE English Language examiner as well as mum to two little ones, aged 2 and 4. She is passionate about closing the disadvantage gap by using research to improve teaching and learning and developing a knowledge rich-curriculum with effective reading and vocabulary instruction at its core.

Laura Webb

Regional Advocate


Laura has recently become Head of English in a comprehensive 11-18 secondary school in Gloucester. Her department teaches a knowledge-rich curriculum which enables students to be aware of the world they live in and access a range of difficult literature. She is passionate about retrieval practice, modelling, and enhancing the subject knowledge of English teachers so that all students get a well-rounded and detailed knowledge of the subject, which she considers an academic subject. She shares resources which save teachers’ time, and are simple for students to use for revision and repetition of knowledge.@LauraLolder

Martine Ireland

Regional Advocate


Martine is an experienced English teacher working in Chester, with responsibility for A Level Literature. She has mentored trainee teachers, is an examiner for AQA Literature GCSE and is currently working on a whole school project looking at CPD. Having recently returned to full-time work after a number of years part-time while her two daughters were small, Martine is passionate about work-life balance and has developed a real love for curriculum design. She is an avid and passionate reader, and can be found on Twitter at @meh50187, mainly talking about books.@meh50187

Mary Hind-Portley

Regional Advocate

Merseyside, Resident Content Writer

Mary has worked in a number of schools in the North West as well as three local authorities as a School Improvement Officer for English. In addition, Mary was seconded for two years as Deputy Director of Liverpool’s ‘City of Readers’ project working across primary and secondary schools and a wider range of stakeholders to improve and celebrate the culture of reading for pleasure across the City. Mary has contributed to local and national conferences for English as well as once being a guest on BBC Breakfast TV discussing handwriting. Mary is also proud to support WomenEd and all women in education. @Lit_liverbird

Matt Lynch

CPD Coordinator

North West

Matt oversees Regional Advocates in the North West region. Teacher of English with 23 years experience, having taught English and Media Studies at Key Stages 4 and 5. Worked as a Head of Faculty for 10 years, but relinquished that responsibility in 2015. Currently working part-time. Experience in delivery of training to aspiring middle leaders in the North West hub on behalf of the SSAT. @Mathew_Lynch44.

Mel Hilderley

Regional Advocate

South East (East Kent)

Mel is Deputy Director of English in a Kent high school. She’s been teaching for 10 years and is a Team Leader for Edexcel, examining both GCSE English Literature and Language and A Level. As part of her day job she’s the unofficial librarian for the CPD library which is run as a ‘speakeasy’ type affair from the cupboard at the back of her classroom. Verging on ‘obsessed’ with redesigning the curriculum with the department, she’s becoming somewhat lacking in a social life. However, she does enjoy arguing with the 4 year old who rules her house, the occasional beer and karate. @mrsh_eng

Mel Wells

Regional Advocate

South Somerset

Mel arrived in teaching via an English Lit and Creative Writing degree at Bath Spa, followed by the somewhat nefarious sounding role of Social Programme Manager in a language school. Although a lover of all areas of literature (hardly surprising for an English teacher!) Mel’s particular passion is for poetry, and she has made it her mission to convince the English teaching world that ‘Tissue’ is the best poem in the AQA Power and Conflict anthology. Mel lives in a small village near Yeovil with her demanding cat and put upon husband.@missmermaidmel

Melissa Boyd

Regional Advocate

South Manchester

Melissa Boyd is a teacher at an inner-city secondary in Manchester. She came to teaching late, from lecturing at St Andrews University, joining Teach First in 2015. She’s passionate about developing subject knowledge both in teachers and students and committed to supporting diverse voices. She sees Litdrive as a tool that helps teachers achieve a better work/life balance, but more importantly, as a supportive community of people collaborating through a shared love of English. @DrMBoyd

Natalie Pratt

Regional Advocate

East Lancashire

Having completed a Literature degree in 2002, and a PGCE in 2005, for fifteen years Natalie has been teaching in a school which has transitioned from an Independent Boys Grammar School into a co-ed Academy Free School Trust, experiencing a great many changes to teaching pedagogy along the way. Natalie has examined for a variety of examination boards over the last twelve years, whilst honing her own teaching skills in successfully running a bespoke, one to one, tuition business for pupils in need of support and challenge, alongside various roles in the English department. Her love of learning was rekindled after completing a Masters in Gothic Literature in 2016, and has subsequently sought out enriching CPD opportunities to better deliver the English curriculum in refreshing and innovative ways. Litdrive and the Team English movement on Twitter have been a complete inspiration to her and now she feels compelled and passionate about collaboratively working with some of the most exciting and awe-inspiring English teachers in the country.

Navana Hadley

Regional Advocate

Kent (East)

A teacher of English located in Kent. An advocate for myth-busting in the educational community who wants to champion research informed practice and help to deconstruct the notion that teacher-talk and direct instruction is wrong. A self-professed geek and fangirl of Research Ed conferences, curriculum design and knowledge at the heart of all learning who is excited to be part of a community that shares and designs resources to enable all teachers to have more time for professional development and personal growth. @HadleyNirvana

Nicky Brookbanks-Parry

Regional Advocate


Nicky is Director of Learning for English & Media at a large 11-18 comprehensive school in the Cotswolds. She has been teaching English since 2012 and is passionate about curriculum design, retrieval practice and developing subject knowledge. As an ITT and NQT mentor, Nicky enjoys supporting and training teachers who are new to the profession. She is currently studying for an NPQML with a focus on closing the attainment gap between boys and girls within English. In her spare time, Nicky loves reading, travelling and researching her next holiday! @NickyBrookbanks

Nikki Ryden

Regional Advocate and Comms Associate (newsletter)


Nikki is a lead practitioner at a wonderful school in Corby. She has 9 years of teaching experience in English and Psychology. Nikki has been an AQA language examiner for 8 years. Nikki has recently completed an MA in Education and is completing an apprenticeship in educational leadership.

Nikki Smith

Regional Advocate


Nikki is an English teacher with 25 years of experience in teaching and leadership. Having been a HOD and assistant head teacher, she has found her past place as second in English with a T&L focus, helping to lead the school T&L group, working as an ELE for Blackpool Research School and pursuing her passion for all things academic. @NikkiSSmith

Nina Elvin

Regional Advocate


Nina trained as an English Teacher in 2016 after completing her MPhil in Education at the University of Cambridge. Teaching in a mixed comprehensive secondary school in rural Norfolk, she believes in research based teaching practices that promote a high-quality education for all. Having been introduced to @TeamEnglish and @Litdrive in the early stages of her career she is passionate about sharing expertise and experience to both develop subject knowledge and reduce workload, whilst continuously driving standards and practice. She has a particular interest in how work-life balance, workload and mental health affect teachers with long-term chronic illnesses, diseases or disabilities, and how collaboration of resources and experiences can make teaching more accessible for those living with these conditions. In her spare time she can be found reading, in the garden (weather dependent!) or spending time with her wonderful canine companions. @nina_elvin

Rhys Denham

South Warwickshire

Rhys is Head of English at a small, rapidly growing comprehensive school in South Warwickshire, having moved across the country from the Black Country where he started his teaching career. Having become KS3 coordinator early in his career and then subsequently standing in as temporary HoD due to various circumstances, Rhys learnt quickly how the progessional can become overwhelming if not kept in check. Rhys specialised in behaviour management before deciding to focus heavily on teaching and learning. He has led internal and external CPD sessions focused on providing effective feedback, and constantly considers how best to drive down the workload of his staff whilst maintaining exceptionally high standards.@MrRDenham

Ruth Holder

Regional Advocate


Ruth is Head of English at Priory CofE School in Dorking, where she also oversees leadership of the whole school research hubs. Nearly twenty years of middle leadership experience have been spent working as a Head of Department and supporting/leading a variety of whole school projects. She has a particular interest in improving feedback and driving up teaching standards, (all while reducing workload). She is can often be found talking about using Twitter as a resource to anyone who will listen. Weekends are spent following her teenage son from one sporting event to another. @MrsRHEnglish

Sam Duffy

Regional Advocate

South Yorkshire

Sam Duffy is an English and Drama teacher at a school in Sheffield where she teaches across KS3 and KS4 as well as teaching A Level Language and A Level Literature. Sam is responsible for Digital Learning within her department and is currently carrying out a research project on vocabulary. Sam set up the first Team English TeachMeet in Sheffield and is particularly interested in empowering teachers to take a lead on subject-specific CPD. She blogs about her experiences at https://myenglishreflections1.blogspot.com/ and can be found on Twitter @MrsDuffyEnglish.

Samantha Dickinson

Regional Advocate


Samantha Dickinson read English Literature at Cardiff University and completed a Masters in Victorian Literature. Having taught for 15 years in different schools through a range of roles such as: Basic Skills Coordinator, Literacy Coordinator and KS3 lead; she is now a senior examiner and Lead Practitioner for English. As a mother of two young children she understands the importance of time and work life balance. She is passionate about literature and learning; she looks forward to sharing thoughts, research and ideas with fellow English teachers as a Regional Advocate.@CroesyEnglish1

Sherish Osman

Social Media Manager

West London

Sherish is currently a Lead Teacher of English in West London. She has previously been second in charge of English, as well as a Head of Department. She has just returned to work after her second maternity leave. Her passion lies in teaching and learning; she loves to read all things education, be it subject speciifc, or general pedagogy, and put these into practice in her teaching. She loves her job role, which involves ensuring that teachers are supported to reach their potential. On her non-working days, Sherish spends her time building Lego, and walking through the fields of Berkshire. @sherish_o

Stuart Pryke

Regional Advocate

East Anglia (Suffolk)

Stuart is a Learning Leader in his sixth year of teaching at a rural school based in Suffolk. Having worked on teaching and learning in his department, Stuart has recently been given the opportunity to look at and review teaching and learning on a whole school level with his school’s leadership team. He is an absolute machine when it comes to effective resourcing, and the #teamenglish community are eternally grateful for what he has done to reduce workload. Stuart also oversees the Litdrive Facebook group. He didn’t write some of this bio himself.@SPryke2

Zara Shah

Regional Advocate

N Yorkshire

Zara is the KS3 Coordinator at The Grammar School at Leeds and co-organiser @TLLeedsConf. She has a passionate interest in pedagogical approaches embedded in theory and practice. Zara has an MA in Teaching and has conducted a series of action research projects and case-studies on gender, metacognition and learning behaviours. Zara’s current NPQML project is the initiation of KS3 Assessment Books to improve outcomes. Zara is also a governor at an outstanding primary school and works in collaboration with a family of local schools, as well as schools abroad. In her spare time, she tries to parent two boys. @zssnas

Zena Chadwick

CPD Coordinator

W Central

Zena oversees Regional Advocates in the West Central region. Zena is Faculty Leader for English at a school in Staffordshire. She is also an experienced Team Leader for AQA, examining GCSE Literature. Zena is passionate about the development of teaching and learning and is constantly looking for new, exciting and effective ways to engage students in their learning. As a busy mum of four, she is determined to bring a better balance back to the teaching profession, allowing good teachers to do what they do best- teach and inspire. Zena can be found on Twitter @zena_chadwick.

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