Copyright Guidance and
Resource Standards

We are keen to help our members with uploading resources, and paying back to our community by sharing what they are doing in their classrooms. To support this, we have devised some standards that will enable Litdrive to continue to operate at a high standard to develop English teachers in schools everywhere. If you do have a resource to upload, head to ‘my uploads,’ and follow the simple steps. We will then look to approve the resource as soon as possible!

Please note that we are not in a position to provide legal advice regarding the rules of Copyright and can provide information only for the purposes of Litdrive user-uploaded content. In addition, please be advised that you are in a position to edit or remove any of your own user-uploaded content should you be concerned of their position in respect to copyright.

For more information regarding copyright, or to search specific texts for copyright restrictions, please visit

Both our copyright guidance and resourcing standards can be found here:

Copyright Guidance  |.  Litdrive Resource Guidance

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