Regional events

LitdriveCPD events are a series of regional events across the country that provide subject specific professional development to English teachers, delivered by practising English teachers, specialists and academics.

Sessions take a ‘subject not spec’ approach to professional development, exploring key aspects of texts or genres, subject specific classroom strategies or modelled exemplification of how knowledge might be used to inform teaching.

We receive fantastic support from our supporting partners to run these events, which are organised and hosted by our team of Regional Leads. With speaker permission, we share all key speaker resources in our resourcing section following events.

To find out about our upcoming events, visit and follow us on Eventbrite or sign up to our newsletter in the ‘profile’ section of the website.

Want to sponsor a series of #LitdriveCPD events? Get in touch via the contact form and we would be happy to discuss this in further detail.

Speaker submissions

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a community-sharing platform for curriculum materials, subject-specific mentoring and subject-specific teacher development for all English teachers. We do this by providing subject-specific, evidence-informed professional development to English teachers. We believe that to deliver a high-quality education, English teachers must be provided with high-quality professional development and the conditions to make implementation of this professional development so that it is sustainable.

Speaking at our events

We are looking for speakers who can deliver sessions that support our work. We welcome submissions from teachers and educators with something to share about English teaching practice, subject knowledge or English department leadership that is:

    1. Credible through lived experience
    2. Prioritises subject knowledge and teaching expertise 
    3. Valuable to those teaching English
    4. Evidence-informed.

We welcome teachers from all points in their careers and take a ‘subject, not spec’ approach to the development of English teaching professional development.

LitdriveUK welcomes submissions from all people regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, or gender. We particularly welcome submissions from under-represented peoples or groups, considering all such submissions equally. We would encourage you to encourage any members of underrepresented groups who wish, to send us a session submission. It helps us to improve representation.

All submissions are considered by the conference lead for suitability, how they fit into the shape and content of the day, how they overlap with other sessions, and how they serve the aims described above. The Regional Lead will confer with the central team and we aim to always contact submission applicants as soon as possible. We run entirely on voluntary time, so responses tend to be at half-termly points when people are not in school. We may take some time to reply. Acceptance to present is at the team’s discretion.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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