Litdrive Resourcing Guidance

Member Resourcing Guidance (last updated December 2022)


The purpose of this guidance is to support members to upload to Litdrive and share with the wider subject community and provide clarity around what members can expect from our resource bank. It is also to provide a shared language across all key stakeholders in regards to sharing classroom materials.

Who this guidance is for

Our Trustees
Our voluntary team
Our members


In our capacity as a registered charity with a clear objective to support English teachers with professional development, it is crucial that we ensure that all services, including the resource bank of classroom material adheres to our ethos, ‘better balance.’


To achieve this, we understand that members accessing our resource bank will seek to ensure that (i) the resources they access are of a high quality, (ii) not bound by copyright law or sourced from another teacher or company without permission, and to maintain our sense of community as we learn from one another, (iii) credit any other members’ ideas or contributions where applicable and are (iv) labelled and categorised accurately.

To establish a shared language, we define high quality (i) resources as the following:

  • Current and usable with today’s UK national curriculum or relevant exam specifications;
  • Containing information that will impact knowledge, skills or understanding of the subject to students, avoiding the use of blank templates or extracts/texts in isolation;
  • Clear in purpose and complete- all relevant mentioned texts or additional tasks are provided to the teacher to be able to utilise the materials with minimal adaptation.

(ii) free of copyright restrictions and not sourced from another teacher or company without permission

  • Originally created by the uploader, or adapted and shared with the permission of the original author(s) and stated as such in the description and;
  • Authors should also give permission to those uploading and this should be detailed in the description as ‘shared with permission.’
  • Not in breach of copyright law. This includes but is not limited to: in print or digital copyright bound materials or a resource sourced from a subscription based or possible commission-payable provider. For more information, visit
  • Not linked to a website or business. As a registered charity, we remain impartial from driving financial gain for third parties. Please refrain from using links, QR codes or other details which take members to potentially unsafe links, business websites, subscription services or profit-driven resources.
  • Please note, as a user, that individual is personally liable for material that they upload. We are unable to provide legal advice for individual cases.

(iii) credit any other members’ ideas or contributions wherever possible.

  • Any uploaded materials adapted from works of others should credit original authors wherever possible. Where attributed credit is unknown, members upload with full responsibility and acknowledgement that the upload may be removed at a later date at an original author’s request, as we are unable to ascertain intellectual property.

(iv) labelled and categorised accurately.

  • To ensure members can navigate the classroom materials, members should categorise into most appropriate key stage, focus or text and make use of the ‘tags’ section for key words that members could use to find their resource.
  • The title should include the text or focus of the resource, avoiding lesson titles such as ‘pause prompt’ or ‘speed race’ so members can search for a text, skill focus such as ‘analysis, drafting, descriptive writing’ and be able to find materials to support them.
  • In the description, teachers should provide concise information of: the type of materials (ppt, unit of work, booklet, sequence of lessons or standalone lesson, worksheet etc.,) the main foci (GCSE study, revision, preparing for assessment, modelled exemplar work etc.,) and how it might be used.

Our approach to upload management

Member uploads resource Resource checked by standards team Resource approved within 7 working days
Resource pending and feedback provided in the description notes for member to act upon Member acts on
feedback and
a) Removes resource for consideration or
b) Amends for standard team, marking ‘complete’ on notes
Resource approved

Our approach to resource reporting

Our member community can report resources to us at any time by using the ‘report’ button. We will always act on reports provided and contact resource owners to advise of action taken; this action will not be communicated to the reporting member.

Resource is reported for breaching
Resource is investigated and removed or
Resource is reported for technical error
when downloading
Resource is investigated and corrected,
removed or upheld.

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