Litdrive Resource Standards

 As a non-profit organisation, it is vital that we ensure that all services provided adhere to our ethos, ‘better balance.’ Therefore, we use this agreement to determine that all resources held on the Litdrive platform are upheld to this particular set of standards. This will result in driving a higher standard of provision for users, but also outlines the expectation of resources for prospective members as a guideline. We reserve the right to remove any resources at any time that do not meet these standards. When providing resources, they should work within the following parameters:

  • ADHERES TO COPYRIGHT Users should take consideration of the copyright guidance when uploading resources. The guidance informs general ruling in terms of use of copyright material, and references where to check if the material being used within a resource is bound by copyright law. Please note, as a user, that individual is personally liable for material that they upload. We are unable to provide legal advice for individual cases. 
  • NOT IDENTIFIABLE AS A PAID OR OTHER RELEVANT RESOURCE The resource is not taken from another resource, or a resource sourced from a subscription based or possible commission-payable provider such as TES, Twinkl, Edusites, EMC, ZigZag, Teachit, Litcharts, OUP and other such applicable sites. Similarly, the resource should be to a greater extent, your own creation. We also ask that the resource does not link to a website or business, to ensure that we are able to remain impartial to driving financial gain for third parties. Please refrain from using links, QR codes or other details which take members to business websites, subscription services or profit-driven resources.  
  • CREDITS AUTHORS If the resource has credited others, the user should have sought permission first and it should be mentioned in the description that such individuals (full names, Twitter handle, Litdrive user name) have given permission for upload.
  • CURRENT AND USABLE WITHIN A CLASSROOM FOR TODAY’S SPECIFICATIONS The resource works to the current specifications being taught across the United Kingdom initially (EDUQAS, AQA, EDEXCEL, OCR, IGCSE, IB and other applicable entities). Users will refrain from uploading resources that could be deemed as out of date i.e.; previous exam legacy specifications, Key Stage 3 material with AFs etc. 
  • CONTENT, SKILLS OR KNOWLEDGE BASED The resource is knowledge based and provides a user with the capacity to impart information to their students, as opposed to a student-led task such as an empty table, template or other comparable examples. We avoid approval of empty templates, extracts without direction, or texts in isolation. Please ensure that the resource is uploaded to the relevant category for members to be able to find your resource easily 
  • CLEAR IN PURPOSE The resource is clear in its purpose for use within the classroom or with students. This does not mean that resources must be accompanied with instructions, but that another teacher is able to deliver using the resource with minimal adaptation.
  • DEADLINES All uploads will be considered within seven days, but please do consider that this work is undertaken voluntarily, around full time teaching roles. If approved, you will receive an email to outline this. If we are not able to approve your resource, we will update the description with an outline of what needs to be amended, with a week to amend and resubmit. To resubmit, simple put ‘actioned’ after the QA comments in the description. If you do not action within that time frame, we will remove the resource. Whilst we cannot give any specific advice on copyright, please do contact us using the contact form if you have any queries and we will be happy to help.

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