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Thumb HA Macbeth Context Knowledge Organiser - worksheetpublished7
Thumb Macbeth IKOpublished2
Thumb Brush up your knowledge sheet week one: A Christmas Carol/ Jekyll and Hydepublished10
Thumb The Handmaid's Tale - 100 tasks/questions - chapters 1-24published9
Thumb Poetry Comparison - Kamikaze and The Emigreepublished14
Thumb Coronavirus & Languagepublished26
Thumb Virtual Classroom: English Universal Questionspublished17
Thumb Virtual Classroom: Drama Universal Questionspublished4
Thumb Virtual Classroom: Compare & Contrast - Choices Guidepublished5
Thumb A Level - Getting Startedpublished50
Thumb An Inspector Calls LitDrive CPDpublished37
Thumb An Inspector Calls Context Bookletpublished66
Thumb Covid Work LPA Tempest/Weather Themedpublished22
Thumb Quiz Questions - Macbethpublished31
Thumb Relationship Map - Frankensteinpublished10
Thumb Extension Questions - Frankensteinpublished8
Thumb Extension Questions - Macbethpublished19
Thumb Extension Questions - A Doll's Housepublished5
Thumb Quiz Questions - Frankensteinpublished7
Thumb Study Guide - Characters: Romeo and Julietpublished19
Thumb A Doll's House - Quiz Questionspublished3
Thumb Study Guide - Themes: Romeo and Julietpublished17
Thumb Extension Questions - An Inspector Callspublished23
Thumb Quiz Questions - Romeo and Julietpublished10
Thumb Study Guide - Language: Romeo and Julietpublished13
Thumb Sign of Four SoWpublished17
Thumb Macbeth Act by Act knowledge quizzespublished53
Thumb Poetry Comparison - Remains and War Photographerpublished22
Thumb Authorial intent and effect on reader wall displaypublished95
Thumb Covid-19 Related Non-Fiction Texts for Edexcel Language Paper 2published78
Thumb Keats - Aspects of Tragedy - Knowledge Organiserpublished33
Thumb Diverse Voices- Poetrypublished87
Thumb 'Women Who Changed the World' Full SOWpublished130
Thumb Blood Brothers - Clock Revision (@AliceTurton)published22
Thumb A Christmas Carol - Quotation Bookletpublished69
Thumb A Level Unseen Prose Fiction Booklets - English Literaturepublished99
Thumb Jekyll and Hyde - Vocabulary Bank and spellings list - Chapter 1, Story of the Doorpublished25
Thumb Independent Reading Logpublished212
Thumb KS3 Non-Fiction/Speeches Remote Learning Bookletpublished511
Thumb Language Paper 1 Infographicspublished86
Thumb Lower Ability A Christmas Carol Revision Bookletpublished120
Thumb Lower Ability Romeo and Juliet Revision Bookletpublished159
Thumb Letter Writingpublished87
Thumb Heroes and Villains: 4 Week Independent Learning Bookletpublished517
Thumb Basic Literacy Recall Taskspublished302
Thumb Writing for Wellness Lesson Planpublished44
Thumb Freedom: 4 Week Independent Learning Booklet for English Languagepublished427
Thumb Recall verbs and adverbs for writingpublished74
Thumb Lady Gaga Stupid Love Poetry Lesson KS3published87
Thumb AQA English Language Paper 1 WTM Dear Amypublished70

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