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Thumb Lang P2 Feedback for Progress @zssnaspublished196
Thumb AQA Language Paper 1 feedback sheetpublished105
Thumb ACC Plot Graphic Organiserpublished108
Thumb Power & Conflict Poetry Knowledge Organiserpublished85
Thumb I am Malala SoWpublished94
Thumb Romeo and Juliet quotation drillspublished127
Thumb EDUQAS Poetry Comparisonpublished79
Thumb The Art of Rhetoric- Speech Writing SOWpublished177
Thumb A Level Child Language Acquisition 40 question re cap quizpublished35
Thumb Jekyll and Hyde Language bookletpublished116
Thumb Creative Writing Scheme of Workpublished300
Thumb Selection of AQA Paper 1s and 2s: Genderpublished110
Thumb Jekyll and Hyde vocabulary thread task sheets @saysmisspublished75
Thumb Romeo and Juliet complete unitpublished178
Thumb Lord of the Flies - complete SoLpublished87
Thumb Romeo and Juliet - EAL/Pictorial Outline to support a cold read.published51
Thumb 'A Christmas Carol' - One Sheet Plot Revision - @SPryke2published252
Thumb Atonement activity Booklet for AQA Apublished16
Thumb Selection of AQA Paper 1s and 2spublished113
Thumb I do we do you do - Eduqas, Romeo & Juliet, Anthology, A Christmas Carol, Blood Brotherspublished98
Thumb I do we do you do Eduqas Language Mocks- C1 & C2published111
Thumb Blake’s ‘London’published113
Thumb 'La Belle...' Keats Quotation Testpublished27
Thumb AQA Power and Conflict QUOTE DRILLSpublished164
Thumb An Inspector Calls Quote Drillspublished173
Thumb LITDRIVE NORTH LONDON EVENT - Extract from the Prelude, contextpublished99
Thumb LITDRIVE NORTH LONDON EVENT - Tennyson and Duffy Impressions of Warpublished52
Thumb LITDRIVE NORTH LONDON EVENT - Exposure and Wiflred Owenpublished94
Thumb Blood Brothers KS3 Big Questions and key teaching questions for retrieval @saysmisspublished68
Thumb Fireweed Ch 1 - 10published2
Thumb Poetry success criteriapublished106
Thumb Shylock Essay Writingpublished29
Thumb Super Simple KOspublished147
Thumb Of Mice and Men Knowledge Organiser, big questions and retrieval questions @saysmisspublished111
Thumb Guide to AQA Literature question grid - Sof4 examplepublished62
Thumb RJ Key quotes plot sortpublished67
Thumb GCSE English Lang and Lit Quick Revision booklet. @MrsRBxxpublished251
Thumb Educating Rita Y8 SOWpublished18
Thumb Victorian Literature and Crimepublished152
Thumb Terry Eagleton Extract - Role of the witches in Macbethpublished110
Thumb Othello vocabulary and quotations knowledge organiserpublished100
Thumb Common literacy errors and how to fix them (with marking codes!)published162
Thumb AQA Literature Marking Gridpublished113
Thumb Shakespeare's Tragic Heroespublished72
Thumb 'A Christmas Carol' Tier 2 Vocabulary Homework @Mrs_H_Engpublished195
Thumb Macbeth Graphic Organisorpublished230
Thumb A Christmas Carol Bookletpublished348
Thumb Macbeth academic non fiction task booklet @lauratsabetpublished181
Thumb Year 7 Nature Poemspublished105

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