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Thumb Who is Inspector Goole?published16
Thumb Year 11 Schedule of Studypublished11
Thumb Macbeth as tragic heropublished20
Thumb Language Paper 2 - Stormspublished18
Thumb Language Paper 2 - Exam Pressurepublished39
Thumb Macbeth Revision - Connections of themespublished35
Thumb Art of Rhetoric - Speech Writing SoLpublished19
Thumb Descriptive writing revision bookletpublished38
Thumb The Importance of Chapter 10 of Jekyll and Hydepublished19
Thumb GCSE AQA Paper 1 Checklistpublished30
Thumb Macbeth Wider Reading Quizpublished7
Thumb ACC Scrooge's Transformation Essay Scaffoldpublished13
Thumb Using What How Why in lessonspublished34
Thumb BBC 500 word storypublished13
Thumb Self Quizzing Guidespublished9
Thumb Macbeth knowledge organiser and guided mock questionspublished53
Thumb The Sign of Four knowledge organiser and guided mock questionspublished8
Thumb Poetry Writing Bookletpublished20
Thumb Power and Conflict Poetry Anthology (not GCSE poems)published33
Thumb Romeo and Juliet recall sheetspublished96
Thumb Canon literature displaypublished77
Thumb Media treatment of Kate Middleton vs Megan Marklepublished181
Thumb Comparing attitudes to coming out: Phillip Schofield vs Jameela Jamilpublished269
Thumb Mr Birling and Sheila Revision Lessons - An Inspector Callspublished90
Thumb A-Level Media Studies - Jenkins' Fandom Theorypublished8
Thumb The Importance of Being Earnest - context The aesthetic movementpublished3
Thumb A Christmas Carol knowledge based questionspublished63
Thumb DO NOW questionspublished75
Thumb Sonnet 130 Shakespearepublished18
Thumb AQA Language Paper 1 Workbook The Sniper Full Paperpublished121
Thumb The LGBouTiQue - Diversitypublished52
Thumb Knowledge Organiser Wind Ted Hughespublished6
Thumb LitdriveCPD Manchester 220120 Macbethpublished172
Thumb Visualiser strategiespublished135
Thumb Edexcel A Level Lit Unit 2 Allusion in Frankenstein and The Handmaid's Talepublished16
Thumb Comparison of settings used in Frankenstein and The Handmaid's Talepublished34
Thumb Faded Worked Examples: planning and paragraphspublished216
Thumb 8 lessons on writing to argue (Lang P2)published252
Thumb Box Marking for A-Level - protest and tragedy schemespublished44
Thumb OCR A Level English Language - Exam Paper Guidepublished14
Thumb Child Language Acquisition - Further Readingpublished33
Thumb Jekyll and Hyde 100 Questionspublished106
Thumb Macbeth Tier 2 vocabulary worksheetspublished144
Thumb Y11 Revision Grid R&J, DRJMH, AIC, L&R Poetry.published79
Thumb Non-Fiction Viewpoints and Voices SOWpublished170
Thumb Unseen Poetry Practice Bookletpublished246
Thumb AQA Paper 2 Whole Class Feedback June 2019 Paperpublished152
Thumb Direct Vocabulary Instruction Macbethpublished131
Thumb Poetry inspired Language 1bpublished41
Thumb A-Level Media Studies - Gerbner's Cultivation Theory (Audiences Theoretical Framework)published14

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