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Animal Farm - Thinking hard Revision Guide published 60
Thumb AQA Language Paper Knowledge Organisers published 231
Thumb Memorable Birthday Q5 AQA style creative writing published 140
Thumb Childhood Memories AQA Q5 task published 123
Thumb AQA Beach Creative Writing Task Q5 published 163
Thumb Q5 - Creative Writing AQA style - Woodland Walk published 207
Thumb A View from the Bridge - Character Mats published 32
Thumb Romeo and Juliet Thinking Hard Revision Booklet (whole play) published 443
Thumb AQA Language Revision Booklet for Paper 1 & Paper 2 published 229
Thumb Power & Conflict Context KO published 210
Thumb Macbeth KO published 321
Thumb Eduqas Anthology Blanked out poems published 33
Thumb Eduqas Anthology War Poetry & more revision guide published 65
Thumb Eduqas Anthology Place Mats 'at a glance guide' published 31
A-Level Keats Resources published 110
The Eve of St Agnes Keats A-Level Resources published 62
Romeo and Juliet Act by Act synopsis and plot questions published 187
Romeo and Juliet Mid Term Plan/SOL published 100
Blood Brothers Revision Resources published 150
Duffy - A Level Resources for the MeanTime Collection published 73
Thumb Romeo and Juliet - 5 in 5 starters for the whole play published 218
EDUQAS Anthology - @susansenglish - All my resources published 446
Power and Conflict Knowledge Organiser @susansenglish published 197
AQA Poetry Analysis resource - Power and Conflict published 126
AQA Language & Literature Student Revision Booklet @susansenglish published 90
AQA Power and Conflict - Thinking Hard Revision Resource published 227