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J&H Essay Plan and Model Response published 60
KS3 Travel Writing SOW published 55
KS3 The Great War SOW published 46
KS3 Roald Dahl 'Matilda' Reading Style Assessment published 23
KS3 Oliver Twist Scheme published 90
OCR GCSE English Language Paper - Witchchild published 63
GCSE OCR English Language Created Paper published 40
Macbeth Model Example published 368
AQA English Language Paper 1 Marking Sheets published 137
AQA English Language - Paper 2 (Q3 and Q4) published 137
Tell Me, Teach Me - Merchant of Venice published 62
Tell Me, Teach Me - Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Context published 218
Visual Hexagons - 'An Inspector Calls' published 338
Descriptive Writing Models published 575
Diamond Nine - Descriptive Writing published 344
Travel Writing Anthology Pack published 111
A01 Language Levels Sheets published 155
Oliver Twist - Key Extracts published 137
OCR AIC and Unseen Extract Papers published 27
AQA A Level Lang - Paper Two Evaluation Guidance published 103
OCR English Literature Revision Paper One Guidance published 6
OCR An Inspector Calls - Created Question Papers published 28
An Inspector Calls - Thinking Hard - Inspector Speech published 131
An Inspector Calls - Thinking Hard Task published 100
War of the Worlds Knowledge Organiser published 19
NEA Commentary published 62
OCR War of the Worlds Question Pack published 18
OCR MOV Extract Past Papers published 11
A02 Knowledge Organister published 135
A01 Language Levels Knowledge Organiser published 197
OCR Conflict Revision Booklet published 18