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Wall Display: alliteration, anaphora, asyndeton, caesura, enjambment published 146
Poetry comparison essay published 245
Structure Strips published 563
Thumb Poetic Language Techniques definition, effect and example table published 321
Knowledge Organiser: Unseen Poetry published 220
Unseen poetry cover work lesson published 393
AQA Lit Unseen poetry marking sheet published 131
Marking cover sheet Literature 2C published 15
Unseen poetry - mini unit published 613
Poetry Mat published 61
Poetry Prep Homework Booklet (Intended as Unseen but uses AQA poems) published 254
Unseen Poetry Mini Unit (Year 9 Transition) published 201
Unseen Poetry: Brothers and Sister Maude published 67
Unseen poetry - Eduqas published 88
Unseen poetry revision lesson Miss_P_English published 126
WJEC Unseen poetry booklet published 188
Unseen poetry revision sheet. published 98
5 Week Unseen Poetry SOW published 172
Comparison of two unseen poems on the theme of rejection published 156
'Anthem for Doomed Youth' by Wilfred Owen Lesson published 73
AQA GCSE Power and Conflict Poetry plus unseeen revision cards published 238
Unseen Poetry Mat published 126
Storm on the Island - Seamus Heaney VHN published 154
Our Love Now - Martyn Lowery - Unseen Poetry Comparison VHN published 24
Unseen Poetry published 121
Unseen Poetry Walking Talking Mock (Eduqas) published 56
Macbeth published 102
Unseen Poetry poems for starters - looking for the big picture AKR published 89
Poetry comparison unit published 123
Blank copy of STIRRLS published 28
Poetry - types of metre information sheet published 59
VISIT approach - supporting revision/understanding of poems in the anthology (Eduqas) HAO published 96
KS4 Unseen Poetry Homework Booklet published 220