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Macbeth published 102
GCSE Revision Menus for AIC, Macbeth, ACC, Eduqas Anthology published 139
Lady Macbeth - Explode a quote published 104
Lady Macbeth Act 1 Scene 5 Example Paragraph published 151
Lady Macbeth Act 1 Scene 5 Essay Plan published 138
Macbeth Character Profile Sheet published 126
Lady Macbeth Character Profile Sheet published 160
Romeo and Juliet GCSE Full text published 81
GCSE Literature texts revision activity published 53
Romeo & Juliet - Character Vocab, Themes and Context published 164
Thumb Romeo and Juliet - 5 in 5 starters for the whole play published 244
Macbeth Knowledge Organiser published 192
Macbeth Act Five booklet published 170
Macbeth Act Four booklet published 146
Macbeth Act Three booklet published 157
Macbeth Act Two booklet published 145
Macbeth Act One booklet published 284
Macbeth DVD booklet (Fassbender) published 65
Thumb Romeo and Juliet Analysis Extracts Booklet @shadylady222 published 406
Romeo and Juliet Keywords published 109
AQA Lit P1 Coded Feedback published 88
Romeo and Juliet Quote Posters published 89
Macbeth sample questions published 118
Macbeth key scenes and quotes revision published 215
AQA Lit P1 top band answer Macbeth/Sign of Four published 204
Macbeth Model Answer (LM Unsex me here) published 198
Condensed Macbeth in 3 pages with context published 165
Shakespeare Essential structure & language key terms grid published 84
Macbeth Vocab Starters published 190
Macbeth reosurces published 57
Much Ado introduction and resources published 36
Thumb Macbeth 5 in 5 published 136
50 Quiz Questions on Macbeth published 254
Macbeth - The Knowledge published 177
Macbeth Knowledge Organiser MLY published 452
THE TEMPEST context timeline published 101
Shakespeare Tragedy speech writing SOW published 84
Critical Perspectives 'postcards from the dead' for AIC, MACB and ACC published 285
Romeo and Juliet quotations quiz published 123
Macbeth dual-coded retrieval practice key quotes MLY published 367
Macbeth Essay Planning slides MLY published 190
Macbeth Tier 2 Vocabulary Starters MLY published 518
Macbeth Thinking Hard tasks Act by Act MLY published 308
Macbeth Key Quotation Display Posters MLY published 276
Romeo and Juliet Revision/Teacher Guide published 263
Romeo and Juliet knowledge organiser published 493
Romeo and Juliet Bible Booklet published 324
Romeo and Juliet Aim Higher booklet published 499
Macbeth Aim Higher Booklet published 430