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Merchant of Venice Aim Higher Grade 9 Lesson published 78
The Tempest Character Web published 82
Much Ado About Nothing Study/Revision Booklet published 97
Thumb Yr 9 Intro to Shakespeare published 228
Romeo and Juliet Flip Menu published 117
The Tempest Knowledge Organiser published 110
Romeo and Juliet flipped learning booklet @lauratsabet published 274
Romeo and Juliet display quotations published 103
Romeo and Juliet question matrix published 151
Lady Macbeth Critical Analysis Booklet published 311
Thumb Eduqas Anthology War Poetry & more revision guide published 70
Critical Sentence Guidance Sheet Macbeth published 202
Essay Plan on the Portrayal of Macduff published 70
'Macbeth' quotation bank published 184
Lit Paper One - Macbeth / Dickens - Example Essay Booklet published 309
GCSE Literature HW Booklet (R&J and P&C) published 68
Romeo and Juliet Quotation Booklet published 154
Romeo and Juliet mixed ability full scheme published 394
Macbeth key extracts booklet published 200
Much Ado Homework task grid published 55
Much Ado key quotation cards published 44
The Tempest published 106
Basic planning sheet for breaking down a Shakespearian extract - Edexcel published 37
Romeo and Juliet 'Big Questions' published 212
AQA GCSE Romeo and Juliet revision cards published 240
Themes in 'Much Ado About Nothing' published 58
Much Ado SoW published 120
Romeo and Juliet Tracking Character Sheets - Key quotations and levelled question mats published 270
Romeo and Juliet Quick Quotes Quiz published 148
Writing Revolution Activities for Macbeth published 143
Macbeth introductory lesson(s) published 285
Macbeth - Become the examiner published 182
Macbeth High grade sample answer published 252
Macbeth micro exam question KMC published 119
R & J Narrative Structure Display Posters MLY published 131
Romeo and Juliet Display Pack published 217
Romeo and Juliet Act by Act synopsis and plot questions published 209
Romeo and Juliet Mid Term Plan/SOL published 116
Macbeth unit and resources published 43
Macbeth Wider Reading Booklet published 200
Macbeth Keyrings published 118
'Much Ado About Nothing' published 81
OCR MOV Extract Past Papers published 17
Macbeth - Adaptations Worksheet VHN published 90
Macbeth - Dagger Soliloquy VHN published 136
Macbeth published 151
Tempest published 56
Macbeth homework for Hecate (Act 3, scene 5) published 62
Merchant of Venice revision notes published 107
Disorder in Macbeth Act 2, Scene 4 published 84