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A Freudian Approach to Macbeth published 257
Thumb AQA 'Macbeth' GCSE SOW (@SPryke2) published 1359
Macbeth - Why Context Matters published 435
Macbeth - The Porter Scene published 144
Macbeth, AIC and J&H Summer Preparation (Yr 10 to 11) published 179
Macbeth AQA SOW Complete published 547
Thumb Macbeth Quotes Revision Booklet published 474
Merchant of Venice quote display posters published 75
Thumb AQA English Literature Paper 1 Macbeth practice questions published 369
Macbeth 10 Minute Challenges published 433
Much Ado About Nothing 10 Minute Challenges published 100
Thumb Memorising Quotations - Macbeth, AIC and ACC (@MissStone_Eng) published 350
Parent Information Sheet for AQA Literature (R&J, ACC, AIC and L&R poems). published 92
Memory Monday quiz (x7) using R&J, ACC, AIC and Love and Relationships poems. published 131
Thumb R&J Key Themes symbols match up published 80
GCSE Eduqas question guide to Macbeth questions. published 108
Macbeth's Downfall from 'valour's minion' to 'dead butcher' published 284
Analysis Scaffold for Lit GCSE w/ MACBETH examples published 278
Thumb Macbeth CHECKPOINT Booklet @MrsRBxx published 544
Macbeth resources for SoW on Eduqas published 49
Macbeth SOW for Eduqas on IWB published 35
Macbeth lessons with Shakespeare intro (AQA) published 251
Macbeth - critical perspectives published 336
Thumb Romeo & Juliet Character Display published 100
Thumb Macbeth KO published 365
Romeo and Juliet Character Revision published 385
Macbeth 10 x 'Explode a Quotation' resources MLY published 531
Julius Caesar Practice Exam Qs with Model Answers published 29
Thumb Macbeth SoL- Higher Abiity published 307
Thumb The Tempest SOW published 406
Thumb Much Ado About Nothing SOW published 219
Much Ado About Nothing 'Thinking Hard' Style Revision published 88
Year 10 recall and retention homework Autumn published 90
Year 11 recall and retention homework published 172
Simpsons Macbeth published 128
Macbeth Act 1 Scene 2 and 3 published 183
Wyrd Sisters - Terry Pratchett published 97
Macbeth character quotation posters published 234
Romeo and Juliet quotations retrieval roulette published 191
GCSE Romeo and Juliet SoW - key scenes and assessments published 653
Key Macbeth quotes linked to images and themes published 329
'Romeo and Juliet' detailed knowledge organiser and linked tasks published 391
Romeo and Juliet Key Quotation booklets (differentiated) HGO published 180
Thumb Romeo and Juliet Quotation Display Images HGO published 263
Was Shakespeare A Fraud: KS3 Investigation published 97
Romeo and Juliet Key Quotations Display published 140
'Macbeth' AQA Analysis Grids published 376
Macbeth, AIC, ACC revision sheets. published 393
Macbeth Banquet Scene published 116
Macbeth Revision grid published 151