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Shakespeare Context using Globe resources published 124
Tug of War Template published 24
Romeo and Juliet Thinking Quilt published 294
Eduqas Literature knowledge organiser published 114
R&J: Linking events to the Prologue published 150
Romeo and Juliet Quotation Retention Wordseaches published 241
Act 3 Scene 1 - theme of Justice published 104
Macbeth revision published 582
Edexcel Lit Paper 1 Macbeth Example/ Model Answer Act1 S5 published 133
Key quotes with visual images Much Ado About Nothing published 0
Key quotes with visual images Much Ado About Nothing published 0
Act 4 Scene 3 extract response EDUQAS published 43
Romeo and Juliet timeline of quotations published 298
Romeo and Juliet Knowledge Organiser published 328
Macbeth Knowledge Organiser published 88
Thumb Planning an answer on the Prince published 107
Thumb Macbeth 'Teach Yourself' Revision Booklet published 660
Thumb Romeo and Juliet - 'Teach Yourself' Revision Booklet published 509
Macbeth - Tier 2 Vocabulary 'Thinking Hard' sheets published 695
Themes and Quotes - MOV published 102
Twelfth Night Model Answer Act 1 Scene 1 published 29
Thumb Act 1 Macbeth essay task and completed WCF sheet published 146
Macbeth Model Example published 485
Tell Me, Teach Me - Merchant of Venice published 98
Romeo and Juliet - Edexcel-Style Exam Questions published 74
Romeo and Juliet - Key Ideas Revision published 297
Much Ado About Nothing Quote Posters published 41
Thumb Romeo and Juliet Thinking Hard Revision Booklet (whole play) published 522
Alternative lesson on Act 1 Scene 1 opening of Much Ado published 26
Cover lesson activities on Much Ado published 26
Much ado - pre reading activities published 30
Much Ado quotation posters AKR published 27
Much Ado Act 1 Scene 1 - a patriarchal world published 35
Much ado post reading revision lesson 1 published 13
Much Ado About Nothing - Key Scenes published 76
Christmas Lit Quiz published 215
Czech Macbeth Resources published 18
Macbeth exam revision published 407
Romeo and Juliet Exam Skills Lesson published 288
Macbeth Key Scenes Work Book published 912
Language of Lady Macbeth published 346
Juliet essay preparation and essay plan published 113
Marking cover sheet AQA Literature 1 published 138
Romeo and Juliet Enacting the Play published 69
Macbeth Mini Monologues published 193
Macbeth Edexcel SoW published 197
Power and Conflict Vocab Display published 431
Romeo and Juliet scheme and resources AQA with interleaving resources published 722
Macbeth and Star Wars published 196
A Freudian Approach to Macbeth published 257