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Prose Writing Focus on different genres published 77
Can I statements of skills for English Language (AQA) published 113
'Vox' Language Paper 1 Q2 published 43
Lord of the Flies Q4, Lang Paper 1 published 78
AQA Paper 1 Section B Writing - focusing on structure published 231
Bird Box AQA Lang Paper 1 Q2 published 124
AQA Language paper 1 lessons - thematically linked with AIC published 78
KS4 Short Stories published 57
Literary Fiction Extracts published 66
8700/1 War of the Worlds published 31
AQA 8700/1 I'm The King of the Castle published 26
AQA Langauge P1 Walk and Talk mock published 485
Narrative Hooks published 290
AQA Language Paper 1 Section A full scheme published 269
GCSE Eng Lang Paper 1 AQA based on Room by Emma Donaghue published 493
GCSE Eng Lang Paper 1 AQA based on The Crow Road by Iain Banks published 278
GCSE Eng Lang Paper 1 AQA based on The Shrinking Man by Richard Matheson published 255
Q3 Paper 1 AQA published 127
Paper 1 Q4 evaluate mat/ writing frame published 311
'Dracula' AQA style Language Paper 1 mock and example responses published 205
Eduqas Component 1 booklet published 117
Imaginative Writing Sheet- Plan, Write, Review published 379
Think Like a Writer KMC published 322
Modelled LP1 Q2 response (Life of Pi Extract) published 135
Eduqas Knowledge organisers Language blank and completed published 145
Agreeometer published 130
Paper 1 WW1 Extracts published 104
DIRT based on MLY Lovely Bones AQA Lang Paper 1 Q2-4 published 294
Narrative Writing - Exploring Colour published 464
Language Paper 1 Question 3 Structure: Jaws published 417
AQA English Language P1 Q4 task based on an extract from The Catcher in the Rye published 274
The Flowers. GCSE Reading unseen prose published 80
AQA GCSE Starter Task: Language and Structure Shading Activity published 390
Dystopian Fiction Lang Paper 1 published 295
AQA Language Paper 1 Q1-4 'IT by Stephen King' published 544
AQA Paper 1 Section A Style Dracula Reading Lesson published 258
SF and Horror AQA Paper 1 Mocks published 201
The Outsiders for AQA paper 1 published 295
Marking cover sheet AQA Language 1&2 Section A published 133
AQA Language Paper 1: learning a process published 467
GCSE EDUQAS English Language C1 question guide published 258
Eduqas 1A Reading KO published 154
Paper 1- Jekyll and Hyde opening published 215
AQA English Language Paper 1 mock prep - Orwell's 1984 published 339
The Carew Murder Case with Language Paper 1 Questions published 76
Paper 1- OMaM - Candy's Dog (Great for Structure) published 248
AQA GCSE question frameworks published 216
GCSE language: analysing reading help sheet published 140
AQA Paper 1 Question 2 lesson sequence published 186
Wyrd Sisters - Terry Pratchett published 97