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Love and Relationships Quote Posters published 77
Power and Conflict Quote Posters published 138
Thumb GCSE Power and Conflict Revision Essay published 92
P&C poetic purpose task and ppt published 52
Thumb War Photographer Enrichment Lessons published 157
Literature text ladder game published 35
Thumb Seamus Heaney-'Follower' Poetry lesson published 68
'Kamikaze' S&C questions published 114
Model essay comparing Exposure and Charge of the Light Brigade published 259
Poetry full size posters for L&R poems KMC published 62
Poetry quotations single sheet poster KMC published 36
Love & Relationship Guide KMC published 172
Love and relationships poetry homework published 142
Power and Conflict Revision Clocks published 185
AQA Conflict Poetry Comparison tables. published 160
Nettles - Vernon Scannell Powerpoint published 25
OCR Conflict Revision Booklet published 27
Storm on the Island - Seamus Heaney VHN published 153
Power and Conflict Poetry published 279
Power and Conflict Various published 104
Lady of Shallott SoW published 31
Thumb BAME YA Fiction Display published 35
Challenge Grids for EDUQAS Poetry Anthology published 105
Farmer's Bride/Dramatic Monologues published 46
Remains and Bayonet Charge Comparison Plan published 135
Exposure Comparisons published 128
AQA Power and Conflict Workbook published 197
Remains published 194
Lord of the Flies Summary PowerPoints and Poetry Quotations published 123
AQA P&C Quotation Display Posters MLY published 341
Power & Conflict Revision Booklet published 155
AQA Love and Relationships lessons and resources published 286
Blank copy of STIRRLS published 28
Poetry - types of metre information sheet published 59
Thumb AQA Love and Relationships Poetry @shadylady222 published 193
AQA Conflict Poetry sample answer published 182
AQA Conflict Poetry revision tables published 75
Songs of Innocence published 19
EDUQAS Anthology - @susansenglish - All my resources published 541
Comparison of Writers' viewpoint/ London Checking Me History SOTI Prelude published 88
Prelude and Storm on the Island published 188
Tissue and Emigree published 213
My Last Duchess and Ozymandias published 187
London and Checking Out Me History published 161
AQA Poetry Analysis resource - Power and Conflict published 133
Unseen Poetry Comparison Organiser published 184
Anthology Poetry Comparison Organiser published 216
AQA Power & Conflict Do Now retrieval starter slides MLY published 225
VISIT approach - supporting revision/understanding of poems in the anthology (Eduqas) HAO published 95