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Edexcel Poetry Conflict Cluster retrieval images and quotations part 2 published 22
Edexcel Poetry Conflict Cluster retrieval images and quotations part 1 published 57
AQA Poetry resources - Section B and C published 201
Power and Conflict Revision Workbook - AQA Literature published 454
Love and Relationship Quotations for display published 107
Unseen poetry - AQA style paper published 220
Creative Response to Eduqas Anthology Poems published 75
AQA Power and Conflict - critical perspectives published 295
Power and Conflict Poetry Challenge Grids published 331
My Last Duchess Investigation published 270
Ozymandias- start of year published 121
Year 11 recall and retention homework published 168
Power & Conflict Poetry Pub Quiz Questions published 164
Love and Relationships quotations retrieval roulette published 141
Thumb When We Two Parted published 46
AQA Power and Conflict War Photographer context. Extracts from 'The Bang-Bang Club' published 62
Nagra - Singh Song rough draft lesson plan published 18
Power and Conflict comparison grid - revision published 275
WJEC Unseen poetry booklet published 186
Thumb Index of over 200 English Literature Video Clips from English File (BBC) published 196
Eduqas anthology revision sheet published 98
Power & Conflict notes, AO1s & practice questions. published 137
Phillip Larkin - Afternoons published 51
Storm on the Island published 139
Ozymandias published 159
Eduqas Poetry Anthology Revision published 108
Introductory lessons - Power and Conflict published 129
AQA Power and Conflict Poetry Overview published 135
Singh Song! lesson published 66
Singh Song! question matrix published 35
Thumb Eduqas Anthology Blanked out poems published 34
Thumb Eduqas Anthology War Poetry & more revision guide published 70
Thumb Eduqas Anthology Place Mats 'at a glance guide' published 37
Getting into Poetry through songs published 56
Power and Conflict One-Page-Poetry Revision published 231
GCSE Literature HW Booklet (R&J and P&C) published 68
Love & Relationships: Friday Five Starters published 131
Ozymandias SEN Quote Table published 64
Walking Away & When We Two Parted AQA L&R Poems published 77
AQA Conflict poetry revision - theme tracker and quotes record published 102
'Anthem for Doomed Youth' by Wilfred Owen Lesson published 72
Power and Conflict Low Ability AQA published 227
AQA GCSE Power and Conflict Poetry plus unseeen revision cards published 235
Report Writing based on Living Space by Imtiaz Dharker published 82
Power and Conflict AQA Revision published 127
'Exposure' by Wilfred Owen lesson published 237
War Photographer lesson published 158
5 a day quizzes for A Farm, P&C, Macbeth, J and H published 110