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The Charge of the Light Brigade worksheet published 171
Poetry comparison essay published 242
Thumb Unseen Poetry Mat published 328
Eduqas Poetry 15 mark examples Ozymandias Mametz Wood published 143
Exposure linked to Armistice published 74
Sample assessments for Edexcel GCSE poetry published 64
Edexcel conflict poetry resources published 94
Various Low Ability Power and Conflict Work published 227
GCSE AQA Unseen Poetry SOW published 624
Edexcel IGCSE Lit - Section B Anthology Poetry published 51
Inference skills for Year 7 published 152
Structure Strips published 556
Picture Frame Quote Analysis and Drawing Template published 97
Eduqas Literature knowledge organiser published 114
Power & Conflict 'Explode a Quotation' for AQA resources MLY published 599
Conflict Poetry Scheme, Newsletter, MCQ, knowledge organiser published 332
Edexcel Conflict Poetry and Creative Writing Revision Booklets published 186
Lady of Shallot mini SOW published 24
Writing about poetry guides - AQA L&R focus published 204
Ozymandias Writing Revolution Sentence expansion and Essay planning activities published 229
Ozymandias vocabulary starter match activity published 121
Kamikaze and Emigree comparison quotations and grid published 76
Power and Conflict Key Quotes published 344
Power and Conflict HW published 193
Power and Conflict Poetry Quotations for Chairs published 197
Storm on the Island lesson published 209
Checking Out Me History lesson published 227
Thumb Poetic Language Techniques definition, effect and example table published 320
AQA Power and Conflict Tier 2 Vocabulary - 'Thinking Hard' sheets published 708
L and R Anthology Poetry Analysis Structure Strips and Framework published 224
AQA GCSE Lit P+C poetry display published 130
Whole class feedback & model response for Love and Relationships Anthology published 227
TART WARS blank template published 122
TART WARS on Poppies published 138
Relationships Anthology Powerpoints - Edexcel published 83
Ozymandias London comparison published 302
Intro to poetry - using song lyrics published 95
Ozymandias Multiple Choice Questions published 139
Unseen poetry cover work lesson published 387
My Last Duchess cover work creative writing published 181
AfL EDQUAS poetry based on board exemplars UPDATED published 124
Christmas Lit Quiz published 215
Eduqas Poetry Timeline published 79
Eduqas GCSE Lit poetry anthology student revision booklet published 161
Poetic Form and Structure Glossary published 169
Lovew and Relationships 'Dingbats' Picture Quiz (Works well!!) published 160
Storm on the Island analysis sheet published 235
Eduqas poetry anthology revision starter published 97
Y9 P&C Support Mat published 115