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AQA Power & Conflict Quote Booklet published 37
Porphyria's Lover Grade 9 analysis of the ending published 14
War Photographer - Carol Ann Duffy published 28
Full set of Key Points Summary Sheets by @SPryke published 127
Knowledge Snapshots - AQA Power and Conflict Poetry (@SPryke2) published 409
Power and Conflict Analytical Gap Fill Paragraphs published 154
Power and Conflict series of lessons published 143
AQA Power and Conflict Find and Fix 'Ozymandias' and 'My Last Duchess' comparative activity published 105
AQA Power and Conflict comparative written examples and whole class feedback published 151
Imaginative writing using La Belle Dame sans Merci published 26
Various Power and Conflict revision tasks Jan 19 published 124
Hip Hop Lyrics Poetry Lesson published 77
Eduqas anthology challenge grids published 89
Edexcel Seen Poetry Relationships Anthology Revision published 29
AQA Conflict Poetry Comparison revision PPT published 205
Power and Conflict - 4 pics one word quiz published 177
Flashcards for P&C poetry published 104
Dulce- first draft vs final version published 39
Unseen poetry question AQA 27.1 and 27.2 Love published 156
Eduqas Anthology poetry memorising quotations published 57
Thinking hard: Theme of Nature in Power and Conflict poems published 107
WAGOLL poetry comparison published 248
EDUQAS ABC poetry revision published 98
P+C True/False/Misconceptions published 150
Edexcel Conflict Poetry Circles published 65
P&C Themed Revision Grids published 260
Love and Relationships AQA Cluster SOW published 136
Knowledge Snapshots: War Photographer published 96
Knowledge Snapshots: My Last Duchess published 68
Knowledge Snapshot: Ozymandias published 87
GCSE Quotation Quiz Sheets - AIC, Macbeth, LR Poetry, J&H published 129
Revision Lesson on Power and Conflict poetry published 218
Wall Display: alliteration, anaphora, asyndeton, caesura, enjambment published 146
AQA Paper 2: Lit & Lang thematic revision on 'Identity; published 205
Power and Conflict TH Knowledge Organisers published 261
OCR Conflict Poetry Revision Grid published 16
Porphyria's Lover Murder Mystery - GCSE Love and Relationships Poetry published 39
Love and Relationships Revision Cards published 127
Storm on the Island 2 lessons published 83
Power and Conflict Poetry/ Macbeth Homework Sheet published 122
Literary / Poetic Terms List worksheet + answers published 280
Literature revision checklist: AIC, R&J, TSOF, P&C poetry published 121
My Last Duchess Instagram published 124
OCR Conflict Cluster Poetry Knowledge Organiser published 36
IGCSE Edexcel Identify the Poem Starter Activity published 32
EDUQAS War Anthology Revision Mats published 69
Wider Reading for ACC/AnimalFarm/P&C Poetry/R&J published 126
Thumb Revision Advent Calendar published 206
Power and Conflict Poems Circles published 434
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