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AIC Context Presentation - Speaking & Listening published 62
'Romeo and Juliet' detailed knowledge organiser and linked tasks published 391
'An Inspector Calls' detailed knowledge organiser and linked tasks published 502
Review task for the first two acts of An Inspector Calls published 129
A Taste of Honey - motherhood assessment planning published 15
A Tatse of Honey - exam question planning sheet published 7
A Taste of Honey - sample exam questions published 13
Blood Brothers Chat Show Lesson published 49
Blood Brothers Newsletter KS3 published 71
AIC The Generation Gap published 247
OCR AIC and Unseen Extract Papers published 30
All My Sons - Example Essays and Analytical Questions published 28
Thumb Index of over 200 English Literature Video Clips from English File (BBC) published 199
Macbeth, AIC, ACC revision sheets. published 393
AIC Context published 177
EDUQAS AIC LA Marking Code published 23
Blood Brother some key quotations published 64
Blood Brothers Flip Menu published 73
An Inspector Calls- tension between Mr Birling and Inspector Goole- structure strips published 235
An Inspector Calls: Snakes and Ladders revision game published 147
An Inspector Calls Quick Plot Review Task published 178
Romeo and Juliet flipped learning booklet @lauratsabet published 274
Blood Brothers flipped learning booklets @lauratsabet published 210
Critical Sentence Guidance Sheet AIC published 143
Blank Cornell Notes Templates for An Inspector Calls published 196
'An Inspector Calls' quotation bank published 106
WJEC Blood Brothers Language Booklets published 96
AQA GCSE Romeo and Juliet revision cards published 240
AQA GCSE An Inspector Calls revision cards published 249
OCR An Inspector Calls - Created Question Papers published 40
An Inspector Calls - Thinking Hard - Inspector Speech published 159
An Inspector Calls - Thinking Hard Task published 119
Thumb Inspector Calls Critical Theorists - Postcards from the Dead published 232
An Inspector Calls Character Sheets - Tracking and Levelled Questions published 372
An Inspector Calls published 143
Themes in An Inspector Calls published 208
Writing activities for AIC published 182
DNA Practice Exam Questions published 43
Literature text ladder game published 35
Journey's End Act Quizzes- Edexcel published 34
An Inspector Calls published 268
Blood Brothers published 211
A Taste of Honey SOW published 30
EDUQAS - Blood Brothers Superstition published 53
Revision AIC published 97
Thumb Museum of London Trips Booklet published 15
Critical Thinking AIC 200 word challenges published 365
Thumb AIC analysing character using 'surface, subtext, symbolism' published 145
Blood Brothers Revision Resources published 180
An Inspector Calls - Key Vocab, Themes and Context published 295