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Opening Lesson on Blood Brothers Examining Class Stereotypes published 198
Blood Brothers Lesson on the theme of Childhood published 142
An Inspector call Character Revision MATs published 251
WORD DETECTIVES- etymology starters published 309
An Inspector Calls - Do it Now Quizzes published 526
How does Priestley use the Inspector? - Lesson and Analysis Grid with Contextual Links published 305
Student 'Create your own question' matrix- differentiated published 102
An Inspector Calls Context Carousel (Great groupwork!) published 462
Blood Brothers Revision published 264
Inspector Calls - pre-reading writing challenge published 287
An Inspector Calls - The presentation of Gender published 399
AIC Capitalism & Socialism demonstration lesson VHN published 288
Literary Devices test. published 213
Marking cover sheet Literature 2 published 112
An Inspector Call (Think Hard Lessons) published 376
DNA Dennis Kelly SOL and resources (with thanks to Maggie Inchley & TeamEnglish) published 67
An Inspector Calls SOW published 516
'An Inspector Calls' Key Quotations published 412
'An Inspector Calls' Thinking Hard Character Mats (AQA) published 754
Thumb 'An Inspector Calls' GCSE Complete SOW (AQA) (@SPryke2) published 1530
'Blood Brothers' quotation gap fill activity - teacher copy published 111
'Blood Brothers' quotation gap fill activity - pupil copy published 134
An Inspector Calls - act by act character quotations published 240
Thumb Blood Brothers dual coded quotations HAO published 173
An Inspector Calls Act 1 and 2 published 301
Directors Notes Project (Romeo & Juliet) published 37
An Inspector Calls Revision Postcardds published 277
The History Boys Revision lessons EOD published 35
AIC Character Revision Booklet published 489
AIC Quotation glossary table (blank) for back of books published 55
Thumb Memorising Quotations - Macbeth, AIC and ACC (@MissStone_Eng) published 348
Parent Information Sheet for AQA Literature (R&J, ACC, AIC and L&R poems). published 92
Writing a Film Review (Using AIC and ACC) published 145
GCSE EDUQAS English Literature AIC question guide published 92
Thumb Blood Brothers Revision (Think hard tasks) published 218
Blood Brothers SOW LAT published 178
Thumb Blood Brothers CHECKPOINT booklet @MrsRBxx published 183
AIC - Focus on authorial methods published 319
An Inspector Calls Key Quotations Display published 203
Macbeth lessons with Shakespeare intro (AQA) published 249
Blood Brothers- Character Revision Sheets published 220
Blood Brothers High Utility Quotations published 94
AIC Knowledge Organiser published 134
Themes and Quotes AIC published 292
AIC 10 x 'Explode a Quotation' resources RWW and MLY published 840
AIC Birling V Inspector Goole published 195
AIC Sheila and Gerald early exchanges published 123
An Inspector Calls - Titanic for Contextual understanding published 166
AIC character quotation gathering sheets for all characters published 119