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Of Mice and Men Independent Revision Booklet published 245
An Inspector Calls - Y10 Full SOL and Resources @robinjmarsden published 276
An Inspector Calls associated non-fiction and unseen poetry booklet AKR published 135
Animal Farm published 363
An Inspector Calls Authorial Intentionality AKR published 139
AQA Telling Tales List of Essay Titles published 23
GCSE Literature texts revision activity published 53
Lord of the Flies Summary PowerPoints and Poetry Quotations published 125
Thumb AIC analysing character using 'surface, subtext, symbolism' published 145
Curley's wife wall display published 41
Vocabulary Lecture published 60
Micro Quotes AIC published 114
LOTF knowledge organiser @lauratsabet published 208
OMAM published 122
An Inspector Calls - The Knowledge published 172
Blood Brothers Act One booklet published 127
ANIMAL FARM context timeline published 161
Pigeon English Knowledge Organiser published 21
DNA Dennis Kelly Knowledge Organiser published 74
Inspector Calls 17 x essay slides with Tier 2/3 vocabulary MLY published 755
Essential Quotations from Lord of the Flies published 124
Inspector Calls key quotation display posters MLY published 201
Of Mice and Men - Connect Your Knowledge Grid - Revision/Starter Activity published 196
Blood Brothers characters - Thinking Hard published 221
Eduqas Blood Brothers HAO published 95
Revising DNA published 67
Sign of Four Knowledge Organiser published 106
LOTF Knowledge Organiser published 84
Animal Farm Knowledge Organiser published 241
1984 Scheme D Smith published 69