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Blood Brothers Revision published 264
Inspector Calls - pre-reading writing challenge published 287
Recommended vocab for An Inspector Calls published 267
Lord of the Flies Student Workbook published 285
AIC Revision - character & theme - SOLO taxonomy resources published 148
An Inspector Call (Think Hard Lessons) published 376
DNA Dennis Kelly SOL and resources (with thanks to Maggie Inchley & TeamEnglish) published 67
'An Inspector Calls' Key Quotations published 412
'An Inspector Calls' Thinking Hard Character Mats (AQA) published 754
Thumb 'An Inspector Calls' GCSE Complete SOW (AQA) (@SPryke2) published 1530
Animal Farm quote display published 120
Macbeth, AIC and J&H Summer Preparation (Yr 10 to 11) published 179
The History Boys Revision lessons EOD published 35
AIC Character Revision Booklet published 489
Never Let Me Go display posters published 0
An Inspector Calls-Class published 149
An Inspector Calls Year 10 AQA Lit Lessons and Resources published 171
AIC - Focus on authorial methods published 319
Heroes: R. Cormier Quotations published 25
Blood Brothers- Character Revision Sheets published 220
Lord of the Flies - Guide to the novel; Character Profiles; Significant Events Revision published 181
Blood Brothers Typoramas published 87
An Inspector Calls - Home Learning Project published 140
AIC 10 x 'Explode a Quotation' resources RWW and MLY published 840
Lord of the Flies full scheme published 327
Lord of the Flies quotation retrieval roulette published 85
An Inspector Calls Character Revision Pages published 174
'An Inspector Calls' detailed knowledge organiser and linked tasks published 496
Blood Brothers Narrator Example Essay published 88
Blood Brothers Mrs Johnstone/Mrs Lyons class Example Student Essay published 90
Heroes Chapter 8 V Chapter 9 published 30
'An Inspector Calls' AQA Analysis Grids published 252
Lord of the Flies - key quotations published 125
Thumb Lord of the Flies - Post Reading Revision Lectures published 140
Thumb The Writer (verb) published 14
Blood Brothers flipped learning booklets @lauratsabet published 209
The Woman in Black Year 11 Revision (Edexcel) published 76
Blank Cornell Notes Templates for An Inspector Calls published 196
'An Inspector Calls' quotation activity - fill in the blanks published 148
Telling Tales Key Quotes Posters published 27
Blood Brothers 5 in 5 published 102
AQA GCSE An Inspector Calls revision cards published 249
Pigeon English SoW published 38
An Inspector Calls Character Sheets - Tracking and Levelled Questions published 371
Lord of the Flies - language devices, symbolism, context published 196
Writing activities for AIC published 182
Blood Brothers dramatic irony published 60
DNA Practice Exam Questions published 42
Blood Brothers context lesson published 90