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Literature revision checklist: AIC, R&J, TSOF, P&C poetry published 1
History Boys - The Headmaster published 4
Never Let Me Go revision clock published 6
An Inspector Calls and Time published 52
'An Inspector Calls' - Knowledge Snapshots (@SPryke2) published 151
An Inspector Calls Revision published 204
Pigeon English Symbolism Lecture published 2
Pigeon English. Focus on the Pigeon revision booklet published 1
Blood Brothers Tier Two Vocabulary List - 101 words published 43
Animal Farm top 10 quotations and practice questions published 29
Edexcel GCSE Literature The Woman in Black published 17
NLMG/ Fantastic Beasts mini-Paper 2 type activity published 20
Never Let Me Go Bell Ringer Starter Activities published 7
Lord of the Flies revision activity published 46
Animal Farm Whole novella differentiated published 88
An Inspector Calls Revision cards for use as part of Leitner packs published 81
An Inspector Calls Log Books published 142
WJEC Of Mice and Men WTM Resources published 68
An Inspector Calls - 75 Question Retrieval Practice Quiz published 278
A View from the Bridge Comic Book REVISION published 12
Tiny Tim Prioritise Revision: Attitudes To Poor published 112
Animal Farm context grid published 49
Animal Farm Quote Bank with a ppt with quotes and pictures. published 55
Structure Strips published 290
Pigeon English SOW published 15
KS3 Roald Dahl 'Matilda' Reading Style Assessment published 23
Lord of the Flies Chapter Summary Cloze Exercise published 51
AIC: Mr Birling at the start of the play - LAPs support sheet published 80
An Inspector Calls - How Sheila Changes LAPs published 247
Thumb Social Classes on the Titanic - An Inspector Calls published 54
An Inspector Calls discussion points published 241
Thumb An Inspector Calls 'Teach Yourself' booklet published 280
Gerald AIC published 126
1984 Knowledge Organiser published 51
The Flowers. GCSE Reading unseen prose published 66
Heroes - useful adjectives published 16
Lord of the Flies - Thinking Hard Mats published 165
WiB Woman in Black approximate timeline published 34
Context for Blood Brothers published 103
Opening Lesson on Blood Brothers Examining Class Stereotypes published 99
Blood Brothers Lesson on the theme of Childhood published 84
Pigeon English Knowledge Organiser published 39
Lord of the Flies 4 pics, 1 word published 72
Student 'Create your own question' matrix- differentiated published 87
An Inspector Calls Context Carousel (Great groupwork!) published 343
Blood Brothers Revision published 160
Inspector Calls - pre-reading writing challenge published 236
Recommended vocab for An Inspector Calls published 216
Lord of the Flies Student Workbook published 206
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