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AQA Lit Unseen poetry marking sheet published 130
AQA Lit marking sheet published 109
AQA Lang Writing marking sheet published 298
AQA Lang P2 Reading marking sheet published 268
AQA Lang P1 Reading marking sheet published 228
Scouse Lesson published 17
SEND Learning Grids published 94
'The Bigger Picture' How does English help you once school is over? published 275
Lovew and Relationships 'Dingbats' Picture Quiz (Works well!!) published 160
Word Classes published 138
Common Literary Symbols Help Sheet published 88
AIC Capitalism & Socialism demonstration lesson VHN published 288
Thumb AQA Language Revision Booklet for Paper 1 & Paper 2 published 248
Effect on the reader display published 414
Discussion phrases published 59
English Pro Active Learner published 70
Punctuation Display published 197
Thumb Using Cornell notes format in lessons HAO published 144
Research project SoW Miss_P_English published 23
Key Words Display- Poetic techniques published 175
AQA Lit P1 and P2 Q by Q exam trackers June 2018 boundaries MLY published 362
Animal Farm quote display published 120
AQA Lang P1 and P2 Q by Q exam trackers June 2018 boundaries MLY published 454
Portmanteaus published 27
Prefixes and Suffixes published 204
Literature Through Time Display & Worksheet published 189
Directors Notes Project (Romeo & Juliet) published 37
Basic literary terms revision pack published 195
Oracy SOW & Marking/Tracking Frameowrk published 105
Structural Terminology Posters published 148
Jekyll and Hyde Display Posters published 137
Editable YA novel book bunting published 136
Homework booklets published 198
Sheets to record progress published 65
Etymology and Morphology Booklet published 368
Merchant of Venice quote display posters published 75
Independent Learning and Revision Display published 158
Punctuation self review tally published 67
5 a day published 106
Thumb Recommended Reading display published 291
Analysis slide for First Days of School extracts (from @DoWise) published 126
Keyword Posters published 110
Thumb Classroom Display published 118
Book Cover Bunting published 220
Thumb Classroom Posters published 207
Thumb Literacy Calendar published 63
Oracy whole school training published 53
Oracy whole school place mat for supporting talk (student) including activities for teachers published 86
Literary techniques worksheet published 128
Analytical sentence stems mat published 213