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Poems of the Decade (Edexcel) - Eat Me published 59
Poems of the Decade (Edexcel) - Out of the Bag published 39
Poems of the Decade (Edexcel) - Please Hold published 41
Poems of the Decade (Edexcel) - Ode on a Grayson Perry Urn published 45
Samuel Taylor Coleridge published 25
IB English Literature The Crucible published 62
Modern Times 1945-Present Literary and Historical Timeline published 93
Wuthering Heights Key Quotes published 42
A-level AQA Lit spec A Essay cover sheets published 53
Duffy - A Level Resources for the MeanTime Collection published 83
Measure for Measure exam question planning lesson published 30
Measure for Measure lessons - prompts and critical ideas published 27
Robert Browning Poetry published 13
Thumb Up The Line to Death Selected Poems and work pack for students published 22
Brighton Rock Display published 35
Frankenstein published 253
Milton Paradise Lost IX published 30
Richard III - The Role of Women published 3
OCR Richard III Knowledge Organiser published 25
Jerusalem (Butterworth) OCR A level published 10
King Lear A level introduction published 70
Gatsby OCR A level: Critical theory published 108
Chaucer: Merchant's Tale A level OCR published 29
Importance of Being Earnest revision (Edexcel Lit) published 28
AQA spec A P2b Duffy’s The Map Woman published 66
AQA spec P2b Duffy’s Loud published 50
AQA spec A P2b Duffy’s The Diet published 59
AQA spec A P2b Duffy’s The Woman who Shopped published 52
Post-2000 poetry (Edexcel Lit) - PPT for Eat Me published 42
Post-2000 poetry (Edexcel) - PPT for Grayson Perry, On Her Blindness, Dover published 36
Post-2000 poetry lessons - (Edexcel Lit) - Chainsaw Vs Pampas Grass published 32
W.H. Auden - Lullaby - Accompanying PPT published 7
Othello Revision (Edexcel Lit) - Thinking maps and ppts - critics and stagings published 184
Five a day starters x 14 published 171
AQA LITA Pre-20th Century Poetry Rev guide/Teacher pack published 106
A level Lit Kite Runner bundle published 122
A level Sylvia Plath rabbit catcher critical analysis published 19
A level lit rabbit catcher Sylvia Plath published 12
A level lit Birdsong character Knowledge published 16
A level lit Birdsong plot quiz published 11
A level lit Birdsong resources published 26
A level AQA lit papers published 102
A level poetry anthology published 135
Love Through the Ages published 209
A level Frankenstein revision booklet published 185
A level poetry anthology published 125
Robert Burns Knowledge Organiser published 23
King Lear Knowledge Organiser published 95
Jane Eyre Knowledge Organiser published 139
Feminism Knowledge Organiser published 234