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Thumb A-Level Assessment Objective Posters published 145
Othello - Critical Perspectives published 214
Thumb Keats SoL published 118
Thumb Improve your Thesis Statements published 196
Othello 'Thinking Hard' Style Revision published 306
A Streetcar Named Desire - Fantasy in Scene 7 published 78
A Streetcar Named Desire - Desire in Scene 6 published 75
A Streetcar Named Desire - Scene 3 Mitch & Blanche published 73
A Streetcar Named Desire - Conflict in Scene 2 published 90
A Streetcar Named Desire - Exam Questions List (Edexcel) published 93
Rossetti Poetry - The World published 36
Rossetti Poetry - May published 28
Rossetti Poetry - Our Mothers published 21
Rossetti Poetry - Babylon the Great published 23
Rossetti Poetry Revision (Edexcel) published 72
Dracula Quotation Display published 41
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Coleridge published 79
A Streetcar Named Desire NEA published 64
OCR The Immigrant Experience Part B resources published 13
OCR A Level English Literature - The Immigrant Experience Part A resources published 12
A Doll's House Materials Pack published 95
Bibliography for American History 1880-1940 published 25
Critical Reading Record Form published 82
All My Sons - Example Essays and Analytical Questions published 28
Poems of the Decade lessons published 76
Othello Knowledge Organiser published 23
12th Night OCR A-Level practice questions published 26
Othello 38 lesson SofW published 369
AQA A Level Lit B NEA published 138
Blood Brother some key quotations published 64
Edexcel Othello Critical Anthology help sheets published 135
Chainsaw and The Gun Edexcel published 23
Preparing for English at Uni reading list published 106
Wuthering Heights content test published 24
Othello Graphic Organiser published 242
Othello Key quotations with missing words published 103
Othello Linking Grid published 137
1000 Splendid Suns AQA Lit B Section A Unseen published 56
North and South AQA Lit B Section A Unseen published 40
Cuckoos Nest AQA Lit B Section A Unseen published 51
Fatherland AQA Lit B Section A Unseen published 49
A Royal Princess AQA Lit B Section A Unseen published 44
Handmaid's Tale Linking Grid published 187
Frankenstein published 231
Love through the Ages Anthology published 125
A Level Transition Ideas published 89
Unseen Prose AQA Modern Times Poster and Presentation Task published 97
The Glorious Heresies: Unseen Prose AQA Literature Modern Times published 72
Unseen Poetry AQA Literature Love Through the Ages published 219