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Edexcel Contemporary and Unseen Full Scheme of Work published 106
Edexcel Contemporary Homework Booklet published 71
Edexcel Contemporary Course Booklet published 52
Rime of the Ancient Mariner low stakes quiz on the Romantics and Coleridge published 30
An Inspector Calls Memes published 190
1984 Knowledge Organiser published 76
Critical Approaches to Othello Secondary Reading published 225
A Level Literature Writing Guide published 290
A Thousand Splendid Suns Lessons published 27
Bloody Chamber and Gothic Genre Resources published 160
The Great Gatsby resources published 215
Importance of Being Earnest - Miss Prism and Dr Chasuble published 29
The Duchess of Malfi Revision Grid published 52
Gatsby Resources - Complete published 283
AS Othello practice question and planning published 143
A level Lit B Long term planning and rational AKR published 82
Context Intro to A Streetcar Named Desire published 198
A Level Othello published 278
Porphyria's Lover annotated PP published 107
Introduction to Teaching Chaucer's The Merchant's Tale published 38
Atonement Lessons published 83
AQA Lit B Atonement lessons published 60
Thumb Othello quotation cards published 135
Lesson on The Historical Notes - The Handmaid's Tale published 121
Handmaid's Tale Key Quotes published 152
Resources for teaching Great Gatsby published 177
Frankenstein Plot Gap Fill published 103
A Level Prose marking sheet/paragraph guide (Dracula / Edexcel) published 60
Dracula - Fear & Suspense in Ch 2 (Edexcel) published 56
Dracula - Lucy in Ch16 (Edexcel) published 35
An Inspector Calls Act 1 and 2 published 301
Macbeth AQA SOW Complete published 543
Tragedy Poetry Anthology AQA Lit B AS 2a Examination Report Summary published 21
Othello AQA Lit B AS Examination Report summary published 27
Othello - The play in quotations published 227
Othello AQA AS Lit B Extracts (one for every scene) published 105
JANE EYRE AS BOOKLET - WJEC Spec published 71
'The Handmaid's Tale' Scheme/lessons published 204
John Donne published 71
Emily Dickinson A Level Resources published 17
AQA Modern Times Spec B - paper 2 - Revolutionary Road v Streecar published 28
A-Level Literature Unseen prose booklet published 222
Othello Act 5 Scene 1 Whoosh and post whoosh activities published 44
AQA Lit A WW1 mock paper (option 1, Scars upon my Heart) published 29
The Road - OCR A Level published 25
A Streetcar Named Desire - A Level Lit published 251
Gothic Genre for OCR Lit - Dorian Gray and Bloody Chamber focus published 94
Marxism and McGough published 33
Introduction to Comedy for Yr12 published 36
Othello 2018 - Theatre Reviews published 55