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Keats technical terminology glossary published 37
The Deliverer - Edexcel Poems of the Decade published 10
Epigraphs in The Handmaid's Tale published 47
Pentagon Planning Diagram published 41
Rossetti Poetry - Memory published 10
Othello worksheet - Act 1, scene 2 - ‘Typically, Shakespeare’s plays explore women as powerless in love.’ published 77
A level - AQA love through the ages - unseen poetry exam questions published 102
The Handmaid's Tale - hexagon connection revision links (adapted from original resource) published 85
The Handmaid's Tale - context knowledge organiser published 81
Political & Social Protest Writing Lit B Introductory lesson published 32
Jim Crace Harvest - AQA Lit B Social & Political Protest published 13
Macbeth - High Level Essays and Critical Reading Activities published 327
'The Help' by Kathryn Stockett chapters overview published 12
Atonement - AQA Literature A published 31
The Handmaid's Tale Full Scheme of Work for A Level published 223
Ibsen's 'A Doll's House' PowerPoints published 48
ACC - Which ghost has the biggest impact on Scrooge? published 146
Never Let Me Go SOW published 33
Never Let Me Go essay plan - early chapters published 8
A Christmas Carol genre in Stave 1 published 90
A' Level 'Make It Better' tasks published 203
A' Level 'Make It Better' pack published 175
Timelines for When Will There Be Good News published 19
When Will There Be Good News - teaching whole novel published 23
John Donne context published 23
Misogyny in Hamlet critics - silent debate published 29
Othello extract advice, extract and model answer published 141
AQA LitB 7717/2B Section C practice questions published 64
AQA Lit B 7717/2B Handmaind's Tale practice questions published 58
AQA Lit B 7717/B Section B Blake practice questions published 46
AQA Literature - Spec B. Unseen Crime Extract - Little Deaths by Emma Flint published 64
Who so list to hount I know where is an hynde - Knowledge Organiser published 75
She Walks in Beauty (Byron) - Knowledge Organiser - AQA Lit A (A Level) published 41
'Hamlet' sequence for retrieval practice published 64
AQA Lit B Paper 1 (Tragedy) Section C Practice questions published 63
AQA Lit B Paper 2 Section C practice questions (political and social protest) published 47
Othello practice questions AQA Lit B published 78
AQA Spec B - Unseen Crime Extract - Snap published 69
Macbeth sequence organiser: quotations for retrieval practice published 426
Linking themes in Duffy's Feminine Gospels published 127
Shakespeare Context using Globe resources published 125
'The Guilty Vicarage' questions for discussion published 19
Killhope Mine Lesson / Rural Settings in 19th Century Prose published 9
Thumb 'The Handmaid's Tale' lessons for Edexcel A Level published 177
Tess of the d'Urbervilles - Phase the Third published 34
Thumb A View from the Bridge - Character Mats published 44
Blake revision questions (AQA Lit B, Social & Political Protest) published 90
'Hamlet': The Problem With Gertrude: Reading Gertrude's Speech and Silence published 51
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd - Knowledge Organiser published 39
Streetcar Series of lessons published 214
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