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Lang/Lit Duffy Revision Clock published 23
AQA A-Level Lang and Lit Poetic Voices Essay Writing published 20
Edexcel Lit-Lang Voices Anthology Revision Notes published 17
Heaney Notes published 17
A Level Language and Literature transition published 26
The Handmaid's Tale Revision tasks published 59
Streetcar Series of lessons published 213
Imagined Worlds - The Lovely Bones Analysis of Chapter 1 published 18
Dramatic Encounters- A Streetcar Named Desire Follow on task on Marital Conflict published 29
Wider reading to develop approaches to unseen material published 119
Context Intro to A Streetcar Named Desire published 195
Dracula KO LangLit published 23
Paris Anthology AQA Lang/Lit published 136
Gatsby AQA Lang/Lit published 82
Lovely Bones AQA Lang/Lit published 30
Duffy's Mean Time AQA Lang/Lit published 65
The Herd - Rory Kinnear - Revision Study Pack (AQA) published 5
Thumb Poetry Literary Criticism published 48
AQA AS and A-Level LangLit Self-marking terminology tests published 105
Glossaries for AQA AS and A-Level LangLit published 86
IB Lang/Lit Pupil guide published 21
Thumb 20 Poets Homework published 24
Critical Reading Record Form published 82
Introductory Lesson to The Handmaid's Tale - Double Lesson published 115
Handmaid's Tale Student Reading Guide Questions published 252
Tragedy as a Genre (adapted from various sources) published 181
History Boys Essay Plan (A Level) published 8
Lang-Lit (AQA) - Grice's Maxims through the Louvre tour Paris text published 86