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Thumb Gothic Horror Story - Lang P1 focused SoW for KS3 published 229
Private Peaceful SOW published 133
Y8 The Tell Tale Heart Language Paper 1 RTT published 116
Newspapers - Writing articles and Advertising published 385
How to Start a Story - examples of effective narrative openings published 197
'Dear Miss Luce' - John Steinbeck on Curley's Wife published 72
Character Extract Booklet - 19th, 20th and 21st Century Fiction published 186
Shakespearean song lyrics KMK published 46
Reverse Comprehension Challenge published 115
Woman in Black published 185
Gothic Fiction - Y8/9 published 207
Y7 Beowulf 2017 KMC published 140
Hound of the Baskervilles: Narrative Structure display posters MLY published 60
Romanticism published 49
War and Rhetoric published 45
Of Mice and Men unit and resources published 409
Introductory/ one off lesson published 77
Introduction to the Gothic published 213
KS3 Dracula playscript 200 Word Challenges MLY published 101
KS3 The Highwayman Highly Differentiated Workbook MLY published 44
KS3 OMAM Highly Differentiated for Ss with Low Reading Ages MLY published 97
VERY basic PP on Seamus Heaney's Blackberry Picking published 13
Macbeth - Adaptations Worksheet VHN published 90
Macbeth - Dagger Soliloquy VHN published 136
The Sign of Four - Conan Doyle - SOW - VHN published 251
Heroes published 113
To Kill A Mockingbird published 160
Poetry and Creative published 74
Romeo and Juliet published 284
Intro to Shakespeare published 252
Charity DOGS published 33
Culture published 32
Hunger Games published 94
WB Yeats Poetry published 20
Y8 Conflict Poetry Unit published 101
A Taste of Honey SOW published 30
Face (The Play) SoW - Year 8 published 28
Poetry analysis - song lyrics published 46
Identify and Interpret explicit and implicit information from images published 151
2-Week Transition Unit published 198
Gothic Bingo published 168
Where do stories come from? published 24
Lady of Shallott SoW published 31
models for writing excitingly published 218
Rollercoastr writing published 107
Exciting writing powerpoint published 246
Comparison bookmark published 57
KS3 Gothic comparison lesson published 68
Descriptive Writing - LOTR extract published 195
Animal Farm published 364