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Create a character writing mat published 245
KS3 - Trash - Andy Mulligan published 77
Imaginative writing 6 week homework booklet published 86
The Hunger Games - Full Scheme published 180
Shakespeare's Wicked Women published 136
I Was In Love With A Woman - Toni Morrison published 11
To Kill a Mockingbird - Atticus' Life Lessons - One off Lesson published 43
Private Peaceful SOW. Aimed at year 7. published 155
Booklists for KS3 and KS4 published 208
Gothic Vocabulary List published 267
Road of Bones Anne Fine Ch 1- 20 published 1
Abomination Robert Swindells Ch 1-60 published 25
Intro to World War poetry/ evaluations published 114
Blood Brothers published 65
Homework booklet KS3 published 118
Thumb Portable differentiation strategies published 51
Thumb True or False Slide published 23
Unseen Poetry published 81
Unseen poetry - Disney published 85
'A Martian Sends A Postcard Home' Poem published 23
Creative writing about a circus published 113
Gothic comprehension questions published 123
Year 7 Autobiography timeline - peer assessment published 42
Thumb Guess The Gothic Theme published 83
Yr 7 Alice in Wonderland booklet published 92
Analysing Language in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream.' Lesson. published 69
Y7 Resilience Poetry SOW published 73
Y7 Writing to Inform. published 110
Time Capsule published 105
Spelling Strategies Booklets published 473
Y9 Intervention Reading Booklet with tasks published 163
Intervention Reading Booklet with tasks published 188
Challenging Text Corrections published 222
KS3 Cover Sheets for Units published 86
KS3 Prose Booklet with questions published 200
Musical Metaphors and Singing Similes published 98
Year 7 Poetry SOW published 156
Stone Cold Mini Booklet published 149
Language Homework booklet published 310
Comma Splice published 128
Bill Sikes Descriptive Writing published 54
War Scheme of Work (KS3) published 140
Thumb Q.U.I.F. Sheets for KS3 texts published 32
Year 7 The Daydreamer SoW published 30
KS3 Sow: 'War' - Henry V and WW1 poetry published 105
Writing Challenges published 152
A Kestrel for a Knave published 10
Holes Lessons published 136
Poems From Other Cultures Scheme published 116
KS3 Homework Booklets published 246