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Gothic SOL KS3 published 179
Unseen Poetry KS3 [At The Border by Choman Hardi] published 68
Tier 2 Vocabulary Word Wall Display - Great Expectations published 131
Tier 2 Vocabulary Word Wall Display - The Hunger Games published 130
Tier 2 Vocabulary Word Wall Display - Skellig published 85
Tier 2 Vocabulary Word Wall Display - Holes published 94
Treasure Island creative writing assessment and DIRT task published 76
War Poetry SOW aimed at Y7 published 133
First Day of School Worksheet published 174
Private Peaceful - pupil booklet published 171
Of Mice and Men Quotation Challenge published 201
Colour Synonym Sheet published 263
Great 8 Short Stories SOW Year 7- Year 9 published 286
Fairytale SOW and Homework Sheet published 49
A Midsummer Night's Dream GCSE style for Y9 published 92
Frankenstein play (Pullman) SOW - yr 7 published 154
Buddy KS3 published 14
Thumb First Day of School Extracts published 351
Thumb Romantic Ballads- Year 7 published 41
Thumb Treasure Island published 78
Thumb Holes published 110
Gothic Fiction SOW (extract based) published 437
Thumb The Tempest SOW published 409
Thumb Much Ado About Nothing SOW published 219
Tutor Time Literature Circles published 110
Poetry of Song published 60
Rhetoric/Discursive Writing published 261
Yr 7 The Hitchhiker - Horowitz published 34
Journey's End Full play ppt KS3 published 57
Greek Myths KO published 160
Thumb Boy A SOW published 25
Thumb Noughts and Crosses SOW published 108
Thumb Point Blanc SOW published 8
Thumb Inventing Elliot SOW published 5
Y8 Conflict Poetry Scheme & Resources published 125
Y7 SoW - Travel - Writing from a viewpoint published 183
Noughts and Crosses play SoW published 46
Accelerated Reader lessons published 138
Literature through the ages mini-scheme - KS3 published 105
A Monster Calls SoL and Resources published 208
Thumb Greek Myth and Biblical Allusions Scheme of Learning published 141
Y8 Writing mini SOL The Hell Hound RTT published 41
Spoken and Written Language Quidditch published 47
Macbeth Act 1 Scene 2 and 3 published 183
Comparing two extracts - Islands published 72
Crime Fiction covering The Speckled Band, other fiction and non fiction extracts and some poetry published 237
Accelerated Reading Home Learning Booklet published 131
Week 6 Boy in the Striped Pyjamas SOW published 108
Week 5 Boy in the Striped Pyjamas SOW published 97
Week 4 Boy in the Striped Pyjamas SOW published 100