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Writing to Describe, Vocabulary, Synonyms, Openers and Showing, not Telling published 1181
Dystopian fiction introduction KS3 published 217
Curious Incident Y9 published 75
Cool by MM published 1
A Girl Called Dog published 12
KS3 SEND Resources - Stone Cold published 125
KS3 Poetry published 317
KS3 SEND Resources published 180
To Kill a Mockingbird Knowledge Organiser published 90
Travel Writing Anthology Pack published 162
Homework Booklet B published 115
Not My Business Poem published 65
'The Bigger Picture' How does English help you once school is over? published 276
Refugee Week / Malala published 66
Descriptive writing/ planning worksheet published 564
Creating arresting openers - transaction writing published 103
Oliver Twist - Key Extracts published 178
Of Mice and Men Creative Writing published 374
Great Orators SOW - Year 9 published 133
Storm on the Island analysis sheet published 235
Identifying explicit/implicit info beat the teacher published 161
Lang tech gap fill differentiated published 116
Detailed CW peer assessment sheet published 118
Year 7 Buddy - Nigel Hinton scheme published 22
Writing challenges associated with Y9 Comedy Unit (Much Ado and Importance of Being Earnest) published 39
Literary Device Display published 316
Harry Potter Imaginative Writing- Synonyms published 161
KS3 Gothic SOW published 383
KS3 'Of Mice and Men' Module (@SPryke2) published 843
Y7 Childhood poetry published 184
KS3 Women in Shakespeare published 173
KS3 Shakespeare's Speeches published 112
Year 7 Media Unit on 'Diary of A Wimpy Kid' published 35
Non-Fiction Extract Booklet published 652
Literary Devices test. published 213
Year 7 Magic published 165
Yr 9 - AQA Language Paper 1 published 191
A View From The Bridge SOW published 162
Science Fiction mini SOW published 73
Classic Mythology Lessons published 145
200 Word challenge Y8 OMAM published 234
Unseen anthology - relationships published 209
Romeo and Juliet Enacting the Play published 69
Evolution of poetry published 91
Discussion phrases published 60
KS3- Persuasive Writing A FOREST published 491
Macbeth Mini Monologues published 193
Greek Myth and The Odyssey published 111
The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe full SOL published 67
KS3 Newspaper- Writing for Audience and Purpose published 275