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Reading Strategy Posters published 330
KS3 Tales with a Twist scheme published 106
KS3 History Of English Scheme published 82
Generic KS3 English Knowledge Organiser published 199
KS3 Holes Scheme with Multiple Choice Retrieval Practice published 212
KS3 Gothic Scheme with MCQ retreival practice published 146
KS3 Conflict Poetry Scheme with Multiple Choice Retrieval Practice published 48
KS3 Conflict Poetry Knowledge Organiser published 102
Y7 Animal Farm SoW via SMART Notebook MLY published 67
Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time - play (KS3) published 96
The Hunger Games PP and planning published 115
Writing Checklist published 186
Writing to Persuade - Zoos published 242
Creative Writing - Atmosphere published 283
OMAM - Curley published 51
Essential Subject Knowledge Workbook published 260
Improving sentence structures published 179
On the Sidewalk Bleeding published 70
Refugee Poetry - Home published 57
Narrative Writing through Short Film published 117
Thumb Paired Reading Mentor Training published 97
Thumb roots, suffixes and prefixes poster published 48
Thumb AR Poster published 21
Thumb Extra English Literacy Y7 SOW published 684
Thumb Extra English Literacy Lessons Year 8 SOW published 358
Writing to Argue Year 8 published 101
c19th Fog published 230
Poetry comparison unit published 119
KS3 Skills Mini Task Carousels published 186
KS3 English Language Skills Homework Booklets published 191
Of Mice and Men SOW Yr 9 published 552
War & Conflict Reading Challenges published 236
War & Conflict Reading & Writing Challenges published 310
The Odyssey Reading & Writing Challenges published 49
The Iliad Reading & Writing Challenges published 18
Romantics Reading & Writing Challenges published 79
Shakespeare Reading & Writing Challenges published 102
Shakespeare Reading Challenge Texts published 78
A Midsummer Night's Dream Knowledge Organiser published 153
Iliad published 37
Of Mice and Men context / reading journal published 221
OMAM published 122
Songs of Innocence published 19
KS3 Hound of the Baskervilles Resources MLY published 80
Eduqas language skills activities using literature texts. HAO published 160
Thumb Improving vocabulary - Power Up! HAO published 306
Shakespeare Tragedy speech writing SOW published 83
Thumb Year 9 Sherlock Holmes Lessons published 104
Poetry from around the world published 133
Oracy Scheme published 149