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Sharing The Christmas Spirit... Creating Thank You Letters. published 128
Write a Letter to Santa asking for Something that cannot be Bought. published 177
London Child published 18
Christmas themed transactional writing HAO published 1076
Creating a Christmas Advert published 146
Hound of the Baskervilles extracts for analysis published 5
Speckled Band published 32
Texts in Context - Early Modern England published 24
Boy Y7 published 16
KS3 Travel Writing SOW published 55
KS3 The Great War SOW published 46
The Raven - Mimicking Gothic Language published 41
Homework Booklets year 7 and 8 (silver) published 59
Romeo and Juliet Creative writing Act Two Scene 2 published 21
Private peaceful vs Dulce published 31
Educating Rita & Blood Brothers published 5
Macbeth Advent Calendar Homeworks published 125
Blood Brothers KS3 Advent Homework published 23
Y7 Rhetoric: Shakespeare and beyond published 72
Writing skills published 146
Similes and Metaphors published 93
private peaceful published 18
Behaviourism and Blood Brothers published 28
Romeo and Juliet Character Top Trumps published 67
Macbeth in Act 1 published 61
Police report homework booklet published 16
Detective Fiction SoW published 54
Goblin Market Scheme of Work for KS3 published 29
KS3 Flowers of Algernon Intro Lesson published 3
KS3 Sci-Fi Storyboard Lesson published 19
KS3 Sci-Fi Story Openings published 33
Yr8 Conflict Poetry Anthology published 40
'Wonder' Creative Writing Lesson published 105
Poetry comparison essay published 116
A couple of lessons on letter writing published 49
Year 8 A Midsummer Night's Dream published 72
Thumb To Kill a Mockingbird SOW KS3 published 86
Thumb Poetry Mat: SMILE Analysis and Writing Frame KS3 published 94
5 things I love that aren't human creative writing published 149
KS3 - The Chocolate Project published 70
Holes - Stanley Character End Of Novel Assessment Planning published 10
Reflection on learning published 39
Creative writing published 130
Remembrance Day - Creative writing published 140
WW1 Resources published 146
'Of Mice and Men' SOW published 155
Lucky 6 Dice Writing Challenge Game published 145
Thumb Whose Life is it, Anyway? Yr9 Scheme of Learning published 29
KS3 Victorian Poetry SOL published 53
Dystopian Literature Speaking and Listening HMK Booklet published 45
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