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Title Status Downloads
ACC 9 x AQA-style exam Qs with scaffold MLY published 170
Jekyll and Hyde published 105
Romeo and Juliet GCSE Full text published 82
Lord of the Flies Summary PowerPoints and Poetry Quotations published 125
Mock Exam marking cover sheets published 98
GCSE Language and Literature Marking sheets published 90
AQA P&C Quotation Display Posters MLY published 343
Thumb Read to succeed poster published 11
Literature Materials Booklet published 73
A Christmas Carol Language Paper One Staves Two & Three published 205
Power & Conflict Revision Booklet published 158
#TheKnowledge A Christmas Carol inspired by @DoWise published 187
Sign of Four published 147
Vocabulary Lecture published 60
Micro Quotes AIC published 114
AQA 2019 Exam Dates Lang & Lit Display Posters MLY published 450
Macbeth reosurces published 57
50 Quiz Questions on Jekyll and Hyde published 195
50 Quiz Questions on Macbeth published 255
An Inspector Calls - The Knowledge published 172
Macbeth - The Knowledge published 177
Jekyll and Hyde - The Knowledge published 266
Jekyll and Hyde Context Booklet published 314
AQA Literature Low-Stakes Quiz Generator MLY published 190
AIC dual-coded key quote retrieval slides MLY published 341
Macbeth Knowledge Organiser MLY published 452
Unseen Poetry Comparison Organiser published 188
Anthology Poetry Comparison Organiser published 219
AQA Power & Conflict Do Now retrieval starter slides MLY published 230
Eduqas language skills activities using literature texts. HAO published 161
VISIT approach - supporting revision/understanding of poems in the anthology (Eduqas) HAO published 96
Essay planning template - GCSE Literature HAO published 93
VISIT - encourage independent language analysis HAO published 126
Inspector Calls 17 x essay slides with Tier 2/3 vocabulary MLY published 756
Inspector Calls key quotation display posters MLY published 201
AQA Power & Conflict Tier 2 Vocab slides MLY published 434
AQA Power & Conflict Thinking Hard MLY and RWW published 281
Macbeth dual-coded retrieval practice key quotes MLY published 367
Macbeth Essay Planning slides MLY published 191
AQA Language & Literature Student Revision Booklet @susansenglish published 113
English Literature Exam Questions - Eduqas published 26
A Christmas Carol Taboo Cards - Character published 231
Journey's End Taboo Cards - Themes published 22
Journey's End Taboo Cards - Character published 19
49 x 5-a-day starters: ACC, MAC, AIC and P&C MLY published 312
Quotation Posters for ACC, BB, GE and R&J published 21
Eduqas Blood Brothers HAO published 95
Lit text linked 200wc AIC ACC R&J published 200
Unseen poetry Knowledge Organiser published 511
Sign of Four Knowledge Organiser published 106