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Title Status Downloads
The Sign of Four Dual Coded Retrieval Practice Quotations published 0
Thumb Portable differentiation strategies published 51
Thumb True or False Slide published 23
Walking Away & When We Two Parted AQA L&R Poems published 77
Great Expectations: detailed knowledge organiser with linked tasks published 84
AQA English Literature Exam Questions published 26
AQA GCSE Power and Conflict Poetry plus unseeen revision cards published 238
AQA GCSE Romeo and Juliet revision cards published 240
AQA GCSE An Inspector Calls revision cards published 249
Themes in 'Much Ado About Nothing' published 58
OCR English Literature Revision Paper One Guidance published 10
Jekyll & Hyde SoW published 32
Sophisticated language to describe characters published 83
Jekyll & Hyde resources published 257
Literature Marking Grids published 141
DNA Practice Exam Questions published 43
Quote Quiz - ACC, DNA, Macbeth, P&C Poetry published 68
AQA GCSE English Literature revision guide published 66
Macbeth micro exam question KMC published 120
Poetry full size posters for L&R poems KMC published 62
Poetry quotations single sheet poster KMC published 36
Love & Relationship Guide KMC published 172
ACC Narrative Structure Display Posters MLY published 200
R & J Narrative Structure Display Posters MLY published 131
Romeo and Juliet Display Pack published 217
'Much Ado About Nothing' published 81
Do it nows - R&J, AIC and ACC. published 64
Journey's End Act Quizzes- Edexcel published 34
Macbeth - Dagger Soliloquy VHN published 136
The Sign of Four - Conan Doyle - SOW - VHN published 251
Storm on the Island - Seamus Heaney VHN published 154
Lit revision ALL PAPERS published 26
Unseen Poetry published 121
Power and Conflict Poetry published 281
An Inspector Calls published 268
Blood Brothers published 211
A Christmas Carol published 353
Macbeth published 151
Tempest published 56
Thumb Transform your analytical writing published 46
EDUQAS Knowledge Organisers for Lit Papers published 37
PLC for EDUQAS English Lit Component One and Two published 25
Challenge Grids for EDUQAS Poetry Anthology published 105
Analytical Verbs published 131
GCSE Revision Menus for AIC, Macbeth, ACC, Eduqas Anthology published 140
Critical Thinking AIC 200 word challenges published 365
Revision activities booklet for MAC, ACC, AIC and P&C MLY published 182
Damnation and Redemption in ACC: Lecture ppt MLY published 234
Spaced & Interleaved AQA Lang & Lit Daily Revision Planner MLY published 404