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Title Status Downloads
Never Let Me Go - Quotation Bookmark published 23
5 A Day: R&J/AIC/P&C/Frankenstein published 98
Never Let Me Go Practice Questions published 21
Thumb Triangle writing scaffold for extended answers published 67
Year 10 recall and retention homework Autumn published 90
Year 11 recall and retention homework published 172
AIC 10 x 'Explode a Quotation' resources RWW and MLY published 847
Thumb Write like an expert written response literacy mat published 222
Thumb Speak like an expert oral literacy mat published 115
AIC Birling V Inspector Goole published 197
How to Write a Big Idea: Dickens Essay GCSE AQA published 157
Literature 5 A Day published 89
Jekyll and Hyde Scheme of Work - collaborative published 340
GCSE Romeo and Juliet SoW - key scenes and assessments published 654
GCSE Literature Revision Interleaving Quizzes published 153
ACC 10 x 'Explode a Quotation' resources RWW and MLY published 338
'Romeo and Juliet' detailed knowledge organiser and linked tasks published 393
'A Christmas Carol' detailed knowledge organised and linked tasks published 363
'An Inspector Calls' detailed knowledge organiser and linked tasks published 502
Review task for the first two acts of An Inspector Calls published 129
Power and Conflict comparison grid - revision published 278
Thumb Romeo and Juliet Quotation Display Images HGO published 264
Rainbow Analysis Sheet published 160
Blood Brothers Newsletter KS3 published 71
Heroes Chapter 8 V Chapter 9 published 30
AIC The Generation Gap published 247
WJEC Unseen poetry booklet published 188
Phillip Larkin - Afternoons published 51
ACC Thinking Hard Stave by Stave resources MLY published 348
Lord of the Flies - key quotations published 127
Display posters BB, MACBETH, OMAM, J&H published 240
Jekyll and Hyde Language match up published 161
Jekyll and Hyde Chapter Questions published 220
Thumb Yr 9 Intro to Shakespeare published 229
Thumb Jekyll & Hyde quotations - revision via Fortnite HAO published 87
Thumb Jekyll & Hyde plot review activity HAO published 105
An Inspector Calls Quick Plot Review Task published 178
AQA Exam Mark Schemes - APP style published 136
5 Week Unseen Poetry SOW published 172
Singh Song! lesson published 67
Singh Song! question matrix published 36
Silent Debates published 71
Lady Macbeth Critical Analysis Booklet published 311
Comparison of two unseen poems on the theme of rejection published 156
Starter for Five Questions on Macbeth, An Inspector Calls, and Jekyll and Hyde published 97
Blank Cornell Notes Templates for An Inspector Calls published 196
Essay Plan on the Portrayal of Macduff published 70
GCSE Literature HW Booklet (R&J and P&C) published 68
ACC RJ P&C LOTF starter activities published 67
5-a-day starters published 162