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'Blood Brothers' quotation gap fill activity - pupil copy published 135
An Inspector Calls - act by act character quotations published 242
Thumb Using Cornell notes format in lessons HAO published 144
Thumb Blood Brothers dual coded quotations HAO published 173
ACC character analysis lesson published 187
ACC Ghosts of Christmas relay race cards published 116
A Christmas Carol knowledge organiser published 873
Gothic Genre in A Christmas Carol published 253
Macbeth - Why Context Matters published 436
Macbeth - The Porter Scene published 144
AQA Lit P1 and P2 Q by Q exam trackers June 2018 boundaries MLY published 362
Linking AQA Lang Paper 1 with Lit texts published 144
GCSE Literature Revision Blank Graphical Organisers published 186
The History Boys Revision lessons EOD published 35
Homework Booklet for Year 11: AQA Language, Macbeth, JH, P&C published 281
J&H Masterclass published 198
Poetry Prep Homework Booklet (Intended as Unseen but uses AQA poems) published 254
Unseen Poetry Mini Unit (Year 9 Transition) published 201
Progress Booklets published 124
Merchant of Venice quote display posters published 75
Thumb Edexcel GCSE Guide to the Exams 2018 published 98
Power and Conflict Comparisons published 581
Poetry - Power and Conflict AQA - quote starter published 219
Revision Quotations - one per text per day published 197
Thumb AQA English Literature Paper 1 Jekyll & Hyde practice questions published 344
Thumb AQA English Literature Paper 1 Macbeth practice questions published 369
Thumb Lang & Lit Revision Booklets (@MissStone_Eng) published 242
Thumb Five-a-Day (@MissStone_Eng) published 210
Edexcel Jekyll and Hyde Exam Questions published 91
Edexcel Exam Marking Sheets NSI published 13
Edexcel Relationships Poetry Cluster Revision Tasks published 62
Thumb R&J Key Themes symbols match up published 80
Thumb Blood Brothers Revision (Think hard tasks) published 220
Writer's context and Literature timeline published 36
OCR GCSE Literature: conflict poetry quotations for display published 27
OCR GCSE Literature: conflict poetry published 43
Thumb A Christmas Carol Essay: The Celebration of Christmas published 150
Analysis Scaffold for Lit GCSE w/ MACBETH examples published 280
Analysis Scaffold for Lit GCSE published 42
Unseen poetry - Eduqas published 88
Examiners' Feedback on Eduqas Literature GCSE Exams published 57
Blood Brothers- Character Revision Sheets published 221
AQA Power and Conflict - critical perspectives published 298
Jekyll and Hyde - critical perspectives published 381
Macbeth - critical perspectives published 336
Quotation Revision Booklet AQA Lit EOD published 63
Macbeth 10 x 'Explode a Quotation' resources MLY published 532
Power and Conflict Poetry Challenge Grids published 334
Thumb Improve your Thesis Statements published 198
Much Ado About Nothing 'Thinking Hard' Style Revision published 89