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Title Status Downloads
Essay Planning - Themes in A Christmas Carol (Redemption) published 289
The Knowledge: DNA by Dennis Kelly inspired by @DoWise published 36
Revision Advent Calendar Lit P2 published 58
Private peaceful vs Dulce published 64
Educating Rita & Blood Brothers published 24
Macbeth Advent Calendar Homeworks published 195
'An Inspector Calls' - Knowledge Snapshots (@SPryke2) published 378
English exam vocab display published 273
An Inspector Calls Revision published 577
Target Sheets for OCR English Language and English Literature published 22
Romeo and Juliet Character Top Trumps published 137
Blood Brothers Tier Two Vocabulary List - 101 words published 141
IGCSE Edexcel Identify the Poem Starter Activity published 32
Wider Reading for ACC/AnimalFarm/P&C Poetry/R&J published 122
AQA Literature Mock Exam Feedback Target Tick-Sheet for Student Feedback published 232
Thumb Love and Relationship poetry revision worksheets. AQA published 258
PLCs for Eduqas English Literature published 58
Thumb Active Learning Task - Create your own Revision Guide published 38
Thumb Unseen Poetry Mat published 326
Frankenstein Model Essays published 97
Eduqas Poetry 15 mark examples Ozymandias Mametz Wood published 143
Starters for AIC, Macbeth and Anthology Poetry for EDUQAS published 82
Thumb GCSE Writing Framework - Lower Ability Support published 191
ACC Tier 2 Character Vocab Display Posters MLY published 216
Thumb Macbeth - 10 Minute GCSE Revision Activities (@SPryke2) published 669
AIC Example Teaching Structure published 287
An Inspector Calls - 75 Question Retrieval Practice Quiz published 550
A View from the Bridge Comic Book REVISION published 31
Literature Settings Booklet published 147
Edexcel IGCSE Lit - Section B Anthology Poetry published 50
Conflict Poetry Scheme, Newsletter, MCQ, knowledge organiser published 328
Retrieval practice grid published 60
Act 3 Scene 1 - theme of Justice published 102
A Christmas Carol relay race published 285
Macbeth revision published 579
What How Why paragraph prompt mat published 220
Literature What How Why Paragraph highlighting feedback sheet published 123
AQA Exam Timing Posters published 134
Thumb Social Classes on the Titanic - An Inspector Calls published 90
Storm on the Island lesson published 209
Checking Out Me History lesson published 225
AQA Power and Conflict Tier 2 Vocabulary - 'Thinking Hard' sheets published 701
A Christmas Carol - Tier 2 Vocabulary 'Thinking Hard' Sheets published 729
An Inspector Calls - Tier 2 Vocabulary 'Thinking Hard' sheets published 705
Critical Theory (AIC, R&J & J&H) published 142
DIRT targets and activities published 149
Thumb Act 1 Macbeth essay task and completed WCF sheet published 145
Knowledge Organiser GCSE Literature published 292
Much Ado quotation posters AKR published 27
AQA Literature Bunting published 195