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Macbeth- Power and Influence published 27
AQA Power & Conflict Quote Booklet published 37
Bank of Introductions and Conclusions for Literature published 57
English Revision Horsforth published 96
An Inspector Calls Retrieval Practice starter slides MLY published 184
Full set of Key Points Summary Sheets by @SPryke published 127
A Christmas Carol Retrieval Practice starter slides MLY published 128
Knowledge Snapshots - AQA Power and Conflict Poetry (@SPryke2) published 409
Power and Conflict series of lessons published 143
AQA Power and Conflict comparative written examples and whole class feedback published 151
PETAL wall display published 70
Lit/Lang 5 a day (J&H/Macbeth/AIC/P&C Poetry) published 48
Template for Literature revision tasks published 105
Revision booklet - Practice exam Q's for lang, Macbeth, AIC, ACC and L&R poetry published 95
Eduqas anthology challenge grids published 89
Five a day retrieval roulette LITERATURE published 204
An Inspector Calls Tier 2 Character Vocab Posters MLY published 181
5-a-day revision (Macbeth, ACC, AIC, L&R and Lang papers published 94
PEEL mat published 66
A Christmas Carol: Guess Who retrieval practice quizzes HHA and MLY published 148
An Inspector Calls: Guess Who retrieval practice quizzes HHA and MLY published 179
Power and Conflict - 4 pics one word quiz published 177
Dulce- first draft vs final version published 39
Context points ACC published 105
WAGOLL poetry comparison published 248
The Red Room published 73
Pentagon Planning Diagram published 41
EDUQAS ABC poetry revision published 98
A Christmas Carol activites and key extracts: Stave 2 3 and 4 published 196
Animal Farm A3 Revision Resource published 72
P&C Themed Revision Grids published 260
Romeo and Juliet - The Prologue and Act 1 Scheme of Work published 274
'Romeo and Juliet' - Key Extracts and Analysis Activity Booklet @SPryke2 published 722
An Inspector Calls Booklet published 436
Romeo and Juliet Extract Analysis Worksheets published 372
IDL activity for exploring the theme of love in Duffy's 'Valentine' published 66
15 x Macbeth essay slides: Tier 2 and 3 vocab MLY published 415
'An Inspector Calls' Mrs Birling Mock Feedback published 94
Year 11 Revision calendar published 143
Wall Display: alliteration, anaphora, asyndeton, caesura, enjambment published 146
AQA Paper 2: Lit & Lang thematic revision on 'Identity; published 205
An Inspector Calls - Character Knowledge Snapshots (@SPryke2) published 477
A Christmas Carol CHECKPOINT Booklet @MrsRBxx published 410
Guess Who - Macbeth Edition published 224
Guess Who - The Sign of Four Edition published 44
Chritmas Literature Quiz J&H, BB, P&C Poetry, Macbeth published 33
Literary / Poetic Terms List worksheet + answers published 280
Annotation Symbols for Literature published 76
Alphabet Revision - Lit & Lang published 141
Macbeth: 5-a-day recall starters MLY published 321
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