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Title Status Downloads
Creative Writing Image Prompts published 262
AQA Language Paper 2 Non Fiction Texts (Year 9 Transition) published 601
Language Paper 2 extracts published 153
Analytical sentence stems mat published 213
AQA Language Exam Question Mat published 129
Overview sheets for GCSE AQA English Language Paper 1 and 2 published 255
Edexcel Eng Lang Details Display published 60
Thumb Triangle writing scaffold for extended answers published 67
Walking Talking Mock Paper 1 AQA published 154
Mental Health Awareness (Language Paper 2) published 325
Thumb Write like an expert written response literacy mat published 219
Thumb Speak like an expert oral literacy mat published 115
Year 11 Speech Writing - Work Experience published 102
AQA-style Lang 2B 200 Words Challenges MLY published 546
Rainbow Analysis Sheet published 160
Marking Criteria Sheets for Paper 2 published 91
Marking Criteria Sheets for Paper 1 published 102
Starters to improve spelling and vocabulary published 194
Paper 1 AQA Structure Jaws Theme published 186
Practice Paper 2: Pankhurst/ Laura Bates published 187
Display posters BB, MACBETH, OMAM, J&H published 238
AQA Exam Mark Schemes - APP style published 136
EDUQAS English Lang Component 2 Section B - Transactional Writing Forms published 340
AQA Language P2 Revision Using Nursing Exam (AQA Sample Paper) published 102
AQA Lang P1 Revision Using Watership Down published 59
Thumb Portable differentiation strategies published 50
Thumb True or False Slide published 22
Eduqas English Language Component 1 Section B Questions published 235
AQA English Language Exam Questions published 37
AQA Language P1 & 2 overview published 198
Bumper Pack Non Fiction Texts for GCSE published 356
Eduqas Language Speedy Planning Paper Two published 151
Eng Lang Paper One - Hunger Games published 104
AQA English Language Model examples (Q2-5) published 106
How to nail narratives published 271
Bring a descriptive story to life with snazzy sentence starters published 264
Thumb AQA English Language Revision Flashcards @MrsRBxx published 243
Small University and KS3/4 Stylistics published 12
Immersion Day Booklet published 30
Immersion Day Powerpoint published 34
How to analyse structure KMC published 222
Technical terminology: Structural Features MLY published 269
AQA Paper 2 Question 2 Lesson published 142
Creative Writing published 169
Language P2 section A and B published 90
Language P1 section A and B published 93
Christmas paper 2 published 74
Spoken Lang and POV writing published 33
Edexcel paper 1 - short sow based on 'Northanger Abbey' from the prose anthology published 53
Eduqas Language Speedy Planning Paper One published 148