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Title Status Downloads
AQA Exam Timing Posters published 136
Thumb Analytical Sentences Display published 276
Semi Colons Activity published 356
AQA Lang Paper 1 Dracula worksheet published 335
Brighton Rock Lang P1 published 82
Tattoos aqa paper 2 q4 published 652
Teaching Summary Writing Skills published 122
AQA English Language P1 Q4 task based on an extract from The Catcher in the Rye published 273
Eduqas Language Paper Quiz published 119
AQA GCSE Starter Task: Language and Structure Shading Activity published 389
Structure mat published 404
Question 3 Shia Laboeuf structure published 230
P1 Q5 practice tasks published 542
Dystopian Fiction Lang Paper 1 published 291
The Great Divide - Edexcel GCSE English Language published 97
AQA Language AO Bunting published 192
AQA GCSE Language Exam Diagram published 108
Thumb Introduction to Structure - AQA Language published 492
AQA English Language Skills and Questions PLC published 169
Thought stems to scaffold S&L and Writing published 78
Other Ways To Say 'Shows' published 159
Creative Writing Prompts Britain from Above published 160
Identifying explicit/implicit info beat the teacher published 161
Lang tech gap fill differentiated published 115
Detailed CW peer assessment sheet published 117
Literary Device Display published 311
P2 Q5 Support Sheet published 391
AQA GCSE Lang Assessment Feedback Sheets published 197
SF and Horror AQA Paper 1 Mocks published 199
The Outsiders for AQA paper 1 published 294
Argumentative Writing published 344
AQA Language Paper 1: learning a process published 463
Adapted Reading Challenges (@TLPMsF) for Intervention published 177
KS3 Language Paper 1, Question 2 improvement sheet LA published 97
Thumb KS3 Q2 language analysis LOTR improvement sheet published 61
AQA Lang P1 and P2 Q by Q exam trackers June 2018 boundaries MLY published 454
Persuasive Writing published 157
Terminology speech bubble display published 216
Homework Booklet for Year 11: AQA Language, Macbeth, JH, P&C published 279
Progress Booklets published 124
Language Paper 1 and 2 student revision sheet published 241
AQA Language Paper 1 Q5 Narrative Model published 474
Vocabulary Do Nows published 325
Thumb Edexcel GCSE Guide to the Exams 2018 published 98
Thumb AQA English Language Paper 1 booklet - Q4 x 10 published 565
Eduqas Summary of Eng Lang Exam Report 2018 published 70
Thumb Lang & Lit Revision Booklets (@MissStone_Eng) published 239
AQA Language Paper One Adventure Theme (Year 9 Transition) published 258
Structure Strips: Speech published 772
G7 Leaders Conference Creative Writing Prompt published 48