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Creative Writing Image Prompts published 262
Writing practise starters mat published 336
Creative Writing - response to image (CCEA) published 143
Nominal Groups published 17
Colour Synonym Sheet published 259
Overview sheets for GCSE AQA English Language Paper 1 and 2 published 255
Creative writing - show don't tell. published 609
Creative writing - a useful example. published 290
AQA English Language Paper 1 mock prep - Orwell's 1984 published 339
Structure Practice for analysis & writing, based on animated clips published 222
AQA GCSE question frameworks published 216
Narrative Writing Tasks published 229
Self-assessment Grid Imaginative Writing published 101
Thumb Year 9 Dystopian SOW published 227
AQA Language Paper 1 Q5 published 201
AQA English Language P2, Section B 200 word challenges published 394
AQA GCSE Language - Revising Key Skills (Paper One) published 204
Thumb Creative Writing Book 1 published 638
AQA Lang P1 extracts published 116
Show, don't tell - descriptive writing (Plane on Hudson River) published 289
Create a character writing mat published 240
Mrs Marden's Ed Sheeran Narrative Writing Lesson published 176
AQA Language Paper 1 Lessons published 328
Gothic Vocabulary List published 266
Eduqas English Language Component 1 Section B Questions published 235
Descriptive Writing Basic Planning Sheet - AQA published 212
AQA Lang P1 Q1- The Birds (extract & Qs) published 174
Describing Juliet (Writing) published 33
AQA Language P1 & 2 overview published 198
Descriptive Writing lesson based on Stave 3 of A Christmas Carol published 260
Thumb Creative Writing: Changing Time Period and Setting published 104
How to nail narratives published 271
Creative Writing lessons for Eduqas English Language published 212
Bring a descriptive story to life with snazzy sentence starters published 264
Thumb War Photographer Enrichment Lessons published 157
Revision of Q3 Language to support Q5 - AQA Lang P1 published 113
GCSE Lang P1 practice paper Behind the Scenes at the Museum published 93
GCSE Lang P1 practice paper To Kill a Mockingbird published 127
GCSE Lang P1 practice paper I Capture the Castle published 84
GCSE Lang P1 Practice Paper Handmaid's Tale published 180
Reverse Comprehension Challenge published 115
How to analyse structure KMC published 222
Sentence Types Mat MLY published 418
Language Paper 1 and 2 creative writing homework booklets published 245
Q5 describe or narrate planning sheets published 182
Death Comes to Pemberley extract and questions published 38
Narrative and Descriptive published 288
Creative Writing published 169
models for writing excitingly published 218
Rollercoastr writing published 107