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Rossetti Poetry - Babylon the Great published 23
Rossetti Poetry Revision (Edexcel) published 72
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Coleridge published 79
Bibliography for American History 1880-1940 published 25
Language and Taboo published 71
12th Night OCR A-Level practice questions published 25
Language Change - A Level Language published 189
Unseen Prose AQA Modern Times Poster and Presentation Task published 97
The Glorious Heresies: Unseen Prose AQA Literature Modern Times published 72
Unseen Poetry AQA Literature Love Through the Ages published 219
Accent and Dialect Knowledge Organiser published 232
Social Groups Knowledge Organiser published 184
World English Knowledge Organiser published 152
Political Correctness Knowledge Organiser published 123
A Level Literature introduction to characterisation published 80
Introductory Lesson to The Handmaid's Tale - Double Lesson published 114
Handmaid's Tale Student Reading Guide Questions published 251
Never Let Me Go Quiz published 31
Chapters 1&2 Never Let Me Go published 27
Dystopia in The Handmaid's Tale published 239
NEA - Changing views of childhood context published 8
Tragedy as a Genre (adapted from various sources) published 181
Antony and Cleopatra - Possible Q's published 23
Gatsby Essay Prompts (nothing special!) published 62
Gatsby - Key Quotes per character & theme published 119
Gatsby - American Dream Essay Plan published 59
Basic timeline (+ notes) for American lit OCR published 35
Academic writing: essay argumentation & construction published 309
Language Frameworks - English Language A Level published 178
Individual Variation - English Language A Level published 85
Othello SOW and Overview - A-Level published 338
Paper 1 - Framework & Representation Practice published 265
World Englishes published 131
Meanings and Representations published 238
Language Change published 197
Accent Dialect etc etc published 149
Power published 158
Gender published 178
OCR - A Level A Streetcar Named Desire - post reading published 148
A level Lang intro lessons published 214
Language Frameworks lessons published 179
Child Language Acquisition published 244
Poetry of the Decade SOW - A-Level Edexcel published 50
Edexcel Prose SOW - A Thousand Splendid Suns and Wuthering Heights published 67
resources to help the teaching of Huckleberry Finn published 7
The Great Gatsby - A-Level published 248
Poems of the Decade (Edexcel) - Chainsaw and Disppointed Man Double Lesson published 51
Poems of the Decade (Edexcel) - The Gun published 49
Poems of the Decade (Edexcel) - Lammas Hireling published 42